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This is my collection of documents I wrote for the various lectures while studying computer science at THM in 2001-2006 (back then, named “Diplom-Informatik”, at “FH Gießen-Friedberg” …).

Hints on usage:

  • Where the document names differ only in the format identifier in parentheses, like “(.pdf)”, they are identical in content. Just select the format you like. Note that .lyx format is only for editing; for reading, you will prefer the PDF variant.
  • In many cases, the files are ZIP archives, containing many files that should go together, like a collection of assignment sheets. This spares you manual download work.
  • Remember, all documents that I wrote and published in this section are CC-BY 3.0 licenced as open content.
  • I have tried hard to meet all copyright regulations. If, in spite of this, somebody finds his / her content that I must not publish here, please contact me and I will clean that. Please note that I offer assignment files for download here in cases where I wrote the solutions for these: because publishing the solutions only makes no sense. If some professor at THM has something against publishing his / her assignment documents here, please contact me. However, I would be more glad if nobody contacts me about such matters, in the mutual interest of a good teaching and learning climate at THM 🙂

Material for download:

Klausur Sommersemester 2001_HOT
2005-04-02Klausur Sommersemester 2001_HOT


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