This is a list of some content resulting from non-commercial (and not-yet-commercial) interests and projects. I take part in the Free Content movement; for the licensing details, see each publication, and if you don't find it there, see my imprint.

  1. EarthOS 0.13 (English, 50% German yet to be translated to English)
    The document that constitutes the Earth operating system. It's a "civilization in a box" system with which individuals can reach a high level of personal autarky and resilience, and communities of ~200 can reach it fully. It's a local community centric, freedom enabling approach to global human co-living, meant to increase both its stability and sustainability. Finally, EarthOS will use only free and open DIY technology. The document contains both a framework of design principles and technical interface standards, and also the actual list of equipment items. You will find web references to hundreds of interesting free and open projects in this document, including nearly all major open design projects that exist as of 2013-08 and fit in here. 856 pages A4.
  2. EarthOS Presentation (English)
    A little presentation about the EarthOS project that I held at DIY Days Gothenburg 2013.
  3. Diploma thesis: "Designing mobile and agile groupware for delightful integration into community life" (English)
    This was my final thesis in my computer science studies, completed in 2006-08. It is an elaboration of an own idea: a design of a voice based groupware application to organize anything but the workplace; it can run on any mobile phone.
  4. Magirus 100 D 9 FA based expedition vehicle ExpV "Trolf" Operation Manual Version 2010-10-10 (English)
    This is where I document my own expedition vehicle project, but it's general enough to be helpful for similar projects. 36 pages A4.
  5. CollaborationCompensation.ods (English)
    A spreadsheet to calculate financial compensation in a joint venture project of small companies or freelancers. Compensation is based on the principle that all time is valued equally; with the positive effect that all talking and quarreling about money is gone by submitting to this principle and "software governance". Every collaborator can write invoices and make expenses on behalf of the joint venture project. You can use it web-based by importing this to Google Docs (and adapting some formatting). Feel free to adapt, this is CC-BY 3.0. This is actually a proof-of-concept prototype of a Ruby software we use for compensation in an ongoing business project.
  6. InventionBase Version 2010-07-08 (German)
    A list of 1600 original invention ideas that came to my mind in 1999 to 2010 (that collection is now finished). You can find many funny things in it, and maybe also a solution to a problem you have. The list was never published anywhere else except on my website. Now, it is finished, as I ceased to think "omnidirectional" inventive thoughts in favor of being creative for EarthOS, see above. Note that the list contains also contributions from various friends, marked with anything except "(MA)" at the start of each invention.
  7. TEQ4 Equipment System Version 0.10 (German)
    A huge 119 pp. e-book about innovative personal system equipment for living and travelling. It is a specification for a system of orchestrated personal equipment, providing for all needs under all climatic and travelling conditions. The system is layered into immaterial, backpack, furnishing and expedition vehicle levels; and provides, among others, adequate clothing, computer and communications equipment, tools and medical material. Care is taken to research innovative, "geeky" products to better solve the problems of highly compact equipment. Started officially in 2006-10, it now covers only the "immaterial" and "backpack" level. This project was discontinued on 2010-06-24 in favor of EarthOS (see above). All content of this document was incorporated into EarthOS, but you will still prefer this one if you search for recommendations of commercial products to create an innovative personal equipment; because EarthOS will finally contain only DIY free and open products.
  8. Spanish Grammar Cheatsheet (English, Spanish) (source format available)
    An open content Spanish essentials cheatsheet – 2 pages A4 to fix on your monitor and learn by heart that way, while e-mailing, instant messaging and writing in Spanish. The reason to create this was, I could not find a good free on on the web – so chances are, this is even the best open content one available at the moment.
  9. Fuengirola Printable Streetmap as PDF (Spanish)
    Based on OpenStreetMap data, by the OpenStreetMap contributors. So, licenced CC-BY-SA. Data version: I created this map with the GeoFabrik OpenStreetMap extract for Spain, which was created at 2012-09-13. The map is tiled to 16 pages (just don't print the last 4, as they contain just some conversion garbage). See also my instructions for creating a streetmap like this. This map is far from perfect, but it's a start, and as of 2012-09 it seems to be the only reasonably printable map of Fuengirola that you can download ( does not have Fuengirola yet!).


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