Matthias Ansorg

Poststr. 2
56479 Salzburg

Phone: +49 2667 25799999
Mobile: +49 163 3932492
Wire: @tias

Matthias Ansorg



name Matthias Ansorg
(format: first names, last name)
profession certified computer scientist (University of Applied Sciences Mittelhessen, Germany)
(original German degree name: Diplom-Informatiker (FH); something between BSc CS and MSc CS)
business times,
call and instant messaging times
Monday–Sunday 10:00–24:00, plus whenever I’m online
(in urgent matters, contact me anytime, of course; I do not obey legal holidays and vacation times)
preferred telecommunication media Wire chat, Messenger chat, e-mail, Wire calls, mobile phone
(in that order—choose the first that fits your needs)
preferred languages voice communication: English, German
written communication: English, German, Spanish
software documentation: English
(in that order—choose the first that fits your needs)
birthday 1980‐12‐16
(ISO calendar date)
place of birth Eutin, Germany
electronic business card Matthias_Ansorg_2011-01-09.vcf
(vCard 3.0 format for address book applications)


travel plan
registered residence,
business address,
home address
Matthias Ansorg
Poststraße 2
56479 Salzburg
geographical coordinates 50.66708°N 8.04675°E
(for “registered residence”)
map location,
via OpenStreetMap
via Google Maps
(OpenStreetMap without routing; for “registered residence”; open in new tabs)


company website,
personal website
personal blog
RSS feed for personal blog
Twitter @matjahu
Facebook profile


e-mail address
(when at the computer, I automatically get and read your e-mail at most 20 minutes after delivery; when out of home, I check e-mails at least daily, but please allow for exceptions; text is preferred before HTML, but use HTML when you need it; encrypt with my PGP public key if you like)
instant messaging: Wire @tias
(I’m always online when in network coverage.)
instant messaging: Facebook Messenger matthias.ansorg
(I’m always online when in network coverage.)
instant messaging: WhatsApp +49 163 3932492
(international format; I’m always online when in network coverage.)
instant messaging: XMPP
(I’m online on request only)
fax number +49 2667 25799991
(international format; uses a fax-to-email gateway)


Wire @tias
(I’m always online when in network coverage; video calls are possible on request)
mobile phone number +49 163 3932492
(international format; network operator is German operator O2; I have the mobile phone with me “often”, and “often” switched on. Not always, as it’s kind of a legacy technology now; if I am not available, you will talk to the mailbox, immediately if the phone is off / off network or after 30s if I cannot answer; if you leave a note, I will be informed by SMS immediately, and can contact you if I know you or you recorded your number on voicemail)
landline telephone number +49 2667 25799999
(international format; a VoIP landline phone number in nomadic use; I am online on request only; call this number toll-free from and associate VoIP networks)
mobile voicemail number +49 163 993932492
(use to directly send me a voicemail without even trying to call me; if you leave a note, I will be informed by SMS immediately, and can contact you if I know you or you spoke your number into the voicemail)
VoIP SIP address
(I’m online on request only; video calls are possible; call toll-free from every SIP provider)


postal address Matthias Ansorg
Poststraße 2
56479 Salzburg


invoice address Matthias Ansorg
Poststraße 2
56479 Salzburg
(but send the invoice to my postal address, it might differ at times)
bank account
bank Deutsche Kreditbank Berlin
bank identifier code 12030000
account number 1004603419
IBAN DE49120300001004603419

(you need the SWIFT-BIC or IBAN only to send me money from outside Germany)

PayPal account
Bitcoin receiving address 143SV9zhJUeCSTDD8i7FD26JcfiJvX8zQn
business registration Salzburg, Westerwald, Germany, European Union
tax number 18/003/20933
(my German “Steuernummer“, which is on all my invoices; first is in the state-specific scheme of Rhineland-Palatinate, second is the same in unified national scheme)
competent tax authority Finanzamt Altenkirchen-Hachenburg Außenstelle Hachenburg
(“Bundesfinanzamtsnummer”, which is the German federal tax office number: 2718)
competent court Amtsgericht Westerburg
value added tax on invoices none
(I am a small business in the sense of German VAT, and did not opt in to VAT; therefore my invoices are VAT exempt according to §19(1) UStG)
value added tax identification number (VAT ID) n/a
(the German “USt-IdNr.“; I currently don’t have one)

Exchanging data

PGP public key MatthiasAnsorg_PGP_PubKey.txt
(ASCII text file with my PGP public key, created by GnuPG v1.4.5)
FTP site
FTP server
port 21
(default, mostly no need to specify)
user name
(the “” is part of the user name!)
password (undisclosed; contact me if you need it)
disk quota 750 MiB
(currently; can be increased to several GiB if necessary)

(use to send me or get from me large amounts of data without physical shipment; you can also provide own webspace for that if you want)

Last checked and updated: 2019-06-04
This “Contact” page is copyrighted by me. All rights reserved, do not re-publish without permission.


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