Other Services

The following is a list of services that I offer commercially, both for money and PayCoupons. Since this is not a full-time job and I have other projects to work on, you are supposed to inquire for an offer and delivery time before you buy services from me or oder my PayCoupons to buy them.

  • Vector Graphic Design: I offer simple to intermediate SVG graphics work done with Inkscape. My work is mostly remixes of open content graphics (with source attributions), sometimes I draw parts with a Wacom graphics tablet. (35 EUR hourly rate)
  • Copywriting in English: Multiple people told me I write very clear instructional texts. While my mother tongue is German, English is my default language since 2007 for everything written and I am comfortable doing technical writing about everything except the most specialized subjects in law, medicine or science. (35 EUR hourly rate)
  • Software Development: I can do various software development jobs in Ruby, Python, JavaScript and (if I must) PHP. (40 EUR hourly rate)
  • Linux System Administration: I can do any software installation and configuration tasks, and basic security audits. Debian and Ubuntu based systems only. ‘Been working daily with Linux since 1998. (45 EUR hourly rate)
  • Marketing Consulting: For selected cases, I will do web marketing and web networking activities, using my personal networks and netizen experience from close to two decades on the Web. I usually focus on creating unique, quality content to attract an audience. And I strongly prefer to work for projects I find meaningful though – social innovation start-ups and international development projects, mostly. You may just ask though 🙂 (50 EUR hourly rate)