Software Development

Since 2008, I offer software analysis, design and programming as a freelance IT consultant and developer. My services are cross-platform, and available worldwide via telecommuting (with the exception of local hardware and network services). Work is paid by time-tracked hours, with rapid daily feedback about results; for small contracts up to  500 EUR I also do fixed-price offers.

You can look through my technology portfolio and my references. Or just contact me.

Technology portfolio

Software engineering

  • software / problem analysis (advanced)
  • software design (advanced)
  • object-oriented programming (advanced)
  • code meaning reverse-engineering (advanced)
  • object-oriented architectures (intermediate)
  • user experience design (intermediate)

Programming languages

  • Java (advanced)
  • Ruby (advanced)
  • SQL (advanced)
  • Python (intermediate)
  • JavaScript (intermediate)
  • PHP (intermediate)
  • C++, C (intermediate)
  • ActionScript 3.0 / Flash (no longer offered)

Libraries and systems

  • Linux servers (advanced)
  • Apache (advanced)
  • Away3D (advanced)
  • Booked Scheduler (advanced)
  • Magento (advanced)
  • WordPress (advanced)
  • Ruby on Rails (intermediate)
  • Eclipse RCP (intermediate)
  • JDOM (intermediate)
  • Twitter Bootstrap (intermediate)
  • ImageMagick (intermediate)
  • Android (learning)
  • Drupal (no longer offered)
  • Joomla (no longer offered)
  • Typo3 (no longer offered)
  • SugarCRM (no longer offered)
  • Adobe Flex (no longer offered)
  • Adobe AIR (no longer offered)

Markup languages

  • HTML, XHTML (advanced)
  • CSS (advanced)
  • XML (intermediate)


  • Eclipse IDE (advanced)
  • RubyMine (advanced)
  • JavaDoc, ASDoc, PHPDoc (advanced)
  • Ubuntu Linux (advanced)
  • LibreOffice / (advanced)
  • Windows XP (advanced)
  • bash (intermediate)
  • JUnit (intermediate)
  • git, SVN (intermediate)
  • Gimp, Inkscape (intermediate)
  • Android Linux (learning)

Hardware and networks

  • DSL, VDSL (advanced)
  • Wifi 802.11 (advanced)
  • Lenovo ThinkPads T and X series (advanced)
  • mobile phones (advanced)
  • desktop PCs (intermediate)
  • Linux networking (intermediate)
  • Windows networking (intermediate)
  • WiMAX (learning)
  • direct digital fabrication / CNC machines (learning)
  • satellite telephony (learning)

Soft skills

  • languages: German (native), English (fluent), Spanish (learning)
  • authoring, technical writing (advanced)
  • team organization (advanced)
  • remote communication and collaboration (advanced)

Education and workstyle

Matthias Ansorg was educated as certified computer scientist in 2001-2006 and received his CS diploma in 2006-08 from the University of Applied Sciences TH Mittelhessen, Germany. After an intermediate job, he became self-employed in 2008-01 and works as a freelance IT consultant and developer since. Currently, the little company gets a second emphasis, coming from Matt’s enthusiasm for all things open source, open design, open content.

Matt is reported to talk of himself in third person at times 😉 Also, consider Matt’s workstyle quite off-center. He works like he writes his computing blog: Matt likes to go into the details of wicked problems until cracking them, documenting his results to be repeatable. He’s a scientist by heart, a quick learner who draws from knowledge in all many of science and technology, and likes to design systems and solutions guided by beauty. So better not try hiring him for quick and dirty coding jobs. He’s a good match for:

  • wicked problems in software analysis and design, which is about understanding your problem and developing a beautiful system that models it
  • problems with no obvious solution, which means problems where one gets stuck at “what to do?”, not even reaching “how to do it?”; Matt likes the research efforts needed for these problems, esp. if it gets multidisciplinary
  • tidying up and documenting complex code when your programmer ran away, leaving no documentation
    (example: manifold …)
  • finishing the work that another developer left in despair
    (example: Matt once could solve a bottleneck problem in an unfinished Java 6 desktop app, increasing performance by 5000%)
  • cutting-edge server configuration tasks where there’s no solution on the Net
    (example: Matt deployed AIR apps on a headless Linux server)
  • challenging network configuration tasks
    (example: Matt can provide wifi on a 100 people conference with hardware for just 250 EUR)
  • clean computer configuration in a neatly documented way
    (example: Matt found a cleaner way to install AcuLaser AC900 for Ubuntu)
  • documenting complex content in English or German, in an easily consumable way
    (example: again the AcuLaser AC900 driver installation notes, summing up 2 hours of test & research – note that this is just blog quality, if you pay for more time you can get perfection)

Allow Matt to work freely on the tasks you have, with little requirements for times, spaces, control – and you should be amazed by some awesomeness 😉


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