Category: Computing

  • How to earn from excess electricity or computing power

    Because I live in a truck, in summer I have the interesting problem of excess (practically free) photovoltaics electricity. The same can happen in an off-grid home or a grid-connected home in a location with zero-export regulations. This is a small overview of the current options to earn from utilizing your unused or underused computing resources […]

  • Software for agile, task-based collaboration

    At the company I co-founded, we have tried for quite some time to find a collaboration software solution that works for young, free-range, independent workers. We’re settling on Dynalist for now – which is not open source 🙁 but otherwise close-to-perfect for our uses, after some necessary adaptations. Below is a list of various applications I studied […]

  • Selecting a notebook for 4k video editing

    For a friend, I recently researched which notebook can be recommended for Ultra HD video editing (4K UHD, 3840 × 2160 px). Here is, in short, what we found.   First priority: Intel Core i7-7xxx CPU, as fast as possible There are three major ways to encode video: with the processor in software (Linux libx264 […]

  • How to create the best collaborative ad-hoc database ever

    For a crisis-mapping project after the 25 April 2015 earthquake in Nepal, we needed a collaborative online database that is easy to set up and maintain. I found the product on to be the best existing solution. Much much better than the misuse of Google Spreadsheets that people usually engage in. However, the Obvibase […]

  • How to install OSMAnd~ maps via download to a computer?

    Downloading your OSMAnd~ maps to a computer and installing them to your Android phone from there has several advantages: Use cheaper or faster network access. In a case where, for example, there is no wifi available but your computer is connected by wired Ethernet network, downloading the maps to your computer is probably much faster […]

  • How to fix “Unable to allocate shared memory segment of 67108864 bytes” errors with php-fcgi?

    One of my websites was constantly throwing "Internal Server Error" errors, and that error appeared as follows in /var/log/apache2/error.log: Thu Oct 16 17:59:14 2014 (19446): Fatal Error Unable to allocate shared memory segment of 67108864 bytes: mmap: Cannot allocate memory (12) And that even though 9 GiB of memory was free. Also, only one website […]

  • How to create group-specific default panels in Drupal 7?

    Working solution Finding this solution was quite a nightmare. But, here it is. This assumes you have a working setup of Panels in Drupal 7 already. Use a group path prefix. Set up pathauto to include your group's path as a prefix for group content. This is a challenge by itself due to various bugs […]