This is Matthias Ansorg. Welcome to my one-and-only website.

Sitemap. Here's what you find in the menu:

  • Blog — All blogging of my lifetime. Either everything together or nicely split by category:
    • EarthOS — Everything related to the EarthOS project that I started.
    • Think Thrice — I have a different philosophy about everything …
    • Computing — A computing Q&A blog, mainly for Linux, in English and German. These are 1200+ highly specific articles … better wait until a search engine drives you there.
    • Quantified Supernatural Sciences — Some rather outlandish research projects; in their infancy though.
    • Real Life — Something about me that's not only thoughts.
  • Professional Services — Commercial services I offer as a freelancer.
  • Downloads — Publications and downloads:
    • Main — Documents from my current and former projects. Most prominently, the EarthOS document.
    • CS Studies — Educational material I wrote while studying computer science at THM.
  • Contact — All the latest whim on how to reach me currently.