Autarky Engineering

I assume my skills in this area will be more and more in demand in the next years as the ecological crisis unfolds, so here’s the offer. I can provide knowledge work (research, innovation and system design) and project management for projects that are about any of the following:

  • ecosystem restoration and regeneration
  • ecosystem resilience building
  • transition to regenerative agriculture and land management
  • community transition to a regenerative economy
  • local sustainable and regenerative economies
  • transition to sustainable and autarkic cities
  • transition to sustainable and autarkic households

For reference and for the style of solutions I favour, see:

  • EarthOS, a document that contains many of my innovative proposals for a sustainable and regenerative civilization.
  • Autarky Library, my collection of about 500 freely downloadable books about all aspects of a sustainable civilization.

For the time being, here is an offer: I will provide you with an initial report containing solution ideas and design outlines for your sustainability challenge for free on request. This is worth about two days of my work. You only have to provide me with information about your challenge, and with the source and amount of funding that you have to execute your project (so I know it’s a serious interest in a potential collaboration).