Regarding my job, I’ve a strong feeling that prohibits me from doing work that deems senseless to me. (It’s not that I don’t need to do such things just for the money, but it’s a torture.)

The problem is, now, that mine and the market’s opinions what is meaningful to do deviate widely. It’s easy to recognize what the market thinks is meaningful: everything the market will pay for. This includes, among other stuff, ugly sunglasses for 560 USD. And the foil coating of police bus windows, while in other countries they have no working police at all.

In my opinion, the market is constantly in error. If it would be up to me to decide what’s meaningful, I would include:

  • basic stuff, of course: nutrition, health care, accomodation etc.
  • Many more UNU (United Nations University) research projects.
  • Heavy reasearch for an AIDS treatment.
  • Heavy research for a malaria treatment.
  • research on what is the true theology

Then, it would also be easy for me to find a meaningful job. But now …

P.S.: I should add my definition of “meaningful”: meaningful is what makes the world a better place to live. (And, adding from a Christian perspectiv: “Where world includes this and the next world.”)

Ok … now that I bought the truck on (Thu) 2008-11-27 and paid it and drove it home on (Tue) 2008-12-09, it’s really time to write something about that little adventure, and give some technical details. Sadly, without a video clip for now, as I currently have troubles uploading to JumpCut to edit the clip there (though JumpCut is a great tool, of course).

Paying the truck and driving it these 46 kilometers home was without any problems (quite astonishing to me). So there’s nothing to say ’bout that. I had a friend with me, who’s the most experienced car-and-truck geek I know, and that was really helpful. He showed me how to buy a car, as I didn’t know how to do that, out of lack of experience 😉

So what I’m gonna do now is giving the technical details and some pics of the truck:

Technical specification

manufacturer Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz
type identifier K Magirus 100 D 9 FA
(means: 100PS, approx. 9 tons permissible overall mass, cab over engine
(German: F = Frontlenker), all-wheel drive)
registration date 1968
(the vehicle type 100 D 9 F was build from 1967-1968)
original use fire-fighting vehicle with dry
extinguishing equipment
used in the factory fire department of Chemische Werke Hüls
seats 2 (currently)
3 (per vehicle registration document, so mounting the third one in
between the two is no problem)
maximum speed 80kmh-1 (according to
vehicle registration document)
85kmh-1 (according to own test)
mileage 31019km (upon buying it)
noise level (standing) 84dB(A) (DIN-Phon) (according to
vehicle registration document)
noise level (driving) 89dB(A) (DIN-Phon) (according to
vehicle registration document)
AutoScout24 ID 😉 le2elusqhy1p
engine manufacturer Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz
engine type identifier F6L 812 D

  • F vehicle engine (F
    = Fahrzeugmotor)
  • 6 six cylinders
  • L air-cooled
  • 8 production series
    no. 8
  • 12 cylinder stroke
    is 12cm
  • D direct injetion
    (D = Direkteinspritzung) (?)

This engine is also used in some Deutz tractors).

engine type Diesel
engine power 100PS at 2800Umin-1
engine size 5068cm3
drivetrain 4×4 permanent, auxiliary drive available
gearbox five gears, synchronized gearbox
permissible overall mass 9250kg (currently)
6500kg (approx., after licensing as my expedition vehicle)
permissible load per axle front
/ rear
3200kg / 6400kg
wheelbase 3150mm
tires front single tires, offroad tread,
8.25-20 PR 12 (minimum size, according to vehicle registration document)
tires rear dual tires, street tread,
8.25-20 PR 12 (minimum size, according to vehicle registration document)
trailer hitch currently none
originally it had a Rockinger 201 G 130 mounted
it has a 24V trailer outlet and a trailer brake hose with single-line
brake system
fuel consumption not yet determined, but probably
around 18-20l/100km (street, street tires)
tax as truck, approx. 430-500 EUR/a,
depending on permissible overall mass (here: 6.4t to 7.4t)
as motorhome, approx. 350-440 EUR/a, depending on permissible overall
mass (here: 6.4t to 7.4t)


By the way, the super-sized VW bus and the crumbled houses in the back are just a result of a panorama combination of images, as I could not find a suitable position for making a side image of the whole truck.

Start date: 2008-12-15
Post date: 2008-12-15
Version date: 2008-12-15 (for last meaningful change)

There are times where it’s sooo obvious that this world was originally created by a good God! I’m in such a time these very days, feeling very blessed and grateful … or, more concretely:

  1. There’s a really really cool Jesus Freaks congregation in my town, hey, and I’m becoming part of it 😉
  2. My vision of a mobile, compact and flexible life finally unfolds somewhat, as I got this cool 4WD truck to live in today.
  3. The job I’m currently doing is way cool (Java programming by teleworking as a freelancer). I complained about that job: boring, no social contacts, it’s difficult to motivate myself to start working. But today I compared it to jobs of people I know: warehousing for a temporary employment agency, for way-too-low wages and 10-11 hrs/d and 6d/week. And … man, what a blessing my job is.
  4. These people in the Jesus Freaks house group that I joined make me hungry to get more from Jesus and more like Jesus.

Now I’ll elaborate the last point, as I’m currently “flashed” by these people 🙂 (just before came from the house group, then started blogging …).

Those who know me or my writings know my critical in-depth analyses, and how they paralysed at times the drive to be faithful to God. Which is because I met few motivating paragons: analysing people critically challenges the truth of their beliefs, and analysing people in-depth challenges the purity of their zeal. Those who withstood the test didn’t make up a critical mass to ignite me with Jesus zeal (esp. not due to the dissipation of my former congregation, a Calvary Chapel church … because you know, critical mass needs compactness to uphold the chain reaction). It seems that I’ve found that critical mass in this Jesus Freaks house group that I’m visiting for some weeks now 🙂

When admiring people, it’s rewarding to observe why exactly you’re admiring. In this case it’s because they are, in character, to some degree like Jesus … or, more concretely:

  1. Spiritually intense. They can be funny and silly, but it’s amazing how intense and involved they are when discussing spiritual things. Today we had to discuss the topic “Jesus and women”, and in the serious, spiritual parts of the evening there was nearly no trace of childish foolery that’s so common among young adults when discussing cross-gender relationship stuff.
  2. Intelligent wording. It’s amazing how mature and intelligent they argue, also those who are quite young (doing their A-level exams or studying for 3 semesters, e.g.). I can comprehend their thoughts, but I could not generate them as I think in a different style. That’s really an enrichment! Especially, when people nit just think differently, but are also able to verbalize their thoughts … clean verbalization of their emotional thinking is somewhat rare among women, but commonplace in this house group. Wow!
  3. Open-mindedness. It’s so refreshing to have a homogenous group of open-minded people, without the tradition of Christian fundamentalist style of thinking. Where open-minded means: allowing oneself to think experimentally, touching new areas and latent solutions; and it means broad-mindedmess: being able to form one enjoyable group even though theologic opinions differ widely. Jesus is Savior and Lord … and everything else is fun to discuss. Of course open-mindedness is also dangerous (and I could give examples from the group), but narrow-minded fundamentalism is not less dangerous just because it is static and nothing will or is allowed to happen.
  4. Blushless talking. At first, their prosaic, brute honesty in the familiar atmosphere of this house group bewildered me. There’s seemingly no taboo, you can talk about everythink everytime. Just take care that you talk about averything as being “just as normal as everything else”. (I think that’s because high-levelled emotionality, secretiveness and shame are not results of taboos, they create taboos by people better avoiding these topics in the future.) On the few (~5) evenings I met the group, they talked about a range of topics which would be termed taboo by many Christians: sex before marriage, libidinous thinking, woman’s beauty mania, lesbian relationships, masturbation, having a boy-friend who’s no Christian, being hurt emotionally by an ex-boyfriend, the precious special attributes of the relationship between a female Christian and a male Jesus. And much more, and more to come.

Now of course also this group is far from being perfect. But Jesus teaches them, and they learn. And I hope not to be an inhibitor to the upcoming chain reaction … .

On Thursday, 2008-11-27, I bought my first car (ok, I paid a deposit). I never owned a car before! A friend of mine found this one for me (big thanks!!), and it’s really the optimim to get for the money I have for it. It has two seats (for now) and uses approx. 18 litres of Diesel per 100km. Not that of an optimium? Well, the car is a 4WD truck. I need it to carry my house, which is currently build from a used freezer box body of another truck. The house’s boy body was 350 EUR, the truck 2000 EUR, the interieur and refurbishing will need probably 2000 EUR … that’s not too much for a mobile off-road home, I suppose.

Together with a friend, I’m gonna get the car on Tuesday, 2008-12-09. I’m already excited to try it out! For now, I just have two bad photos of it. Here is one. The guy on the photo is not me. He’s checking the technical condition for me.


Today, I created a mess of my evening by missing the right time to leave for church. Sigh … I was quite enthusiastic to go there! It’s a Jesus Freaks group, and I joined it just recently (2008-10-19), as my former church … umh, say, ceased to exist. Ok, now that I missed the meeting, I need to do something nice as well. Let’s play somewhat with this great free mindmapping tool and then publish an update to my life’s mindmap … .

So here it goes. Click on the image to magnify.

Some notes, as the last version was published already some months ago and some stuff changed.

  • The Xpedition.This is a composite that contains all things related to my life vision, formerly distrubuted all around. Namely the following projects:
    • “Second Acts” (experiencing God’s truth)
    • “A Seeker’s Guide to Life” (understanding about practical living with God)
    • “Personal Life Development” (learing about practical living with God)
    • Xpedition Community (my intended mobile power community … though I have to admit that my motivation for that is currently near zero, as I have not yet experienced any working example or seen a way to found it)
  • Task management included. Since the end of 2008-10, I use freemind instead of KOrganizer for task management. And I need to say, I don’t regret the migration. After you’ve found the best ways to handle and store tasks (which takes some weeks of practice), you’ll find that a mindmapping tool is far more flexible for task management. For example, you can easily add all your task-related notes to the task you’re currently processing.
  • Journaling included. This is some sort of archiving important information about my life, to learn from it. Blogging is a part of that (see “blog post journal”, though I’m using mindmap for drafting the posts only, not yet for storing them locally).

Overall, it’s interesting how long it takes until you arrive at a clear and functional digital representation of your life 🙂 I’m quite satisfied with the current state, as I can access all tasks, task ideas, project notes and journal entries with just a few clicks from the mindmap above. But I was satisfied several times, months ago, and in a few months, things will be even more clear, which I cannot even imagine now.

Here’s a difficult question: is a man allowed in blogosphere to state that he admires a certain woman? I mean not any actor or pop star, but a real girl from real life. And by admiration I mean not “desire”, but primarily admiration as a character, admiration of lifestyle, admiration as personality. Now it’s uttered from a man and regards a woman, so this sets up a context (willingly or not) which makes public announcement in the Internet problematic. At least I read no blog post that contained such a statement. It might be a taboo in the blogosphere.

But, I’ll approach the taboo here and see how to handle it … of course this means, mention no names, no hints and no sources. My intent is here that it might be of worth to collect admirable attributes of persons of the other sex. No further concrete action is implied on my side (so don’t bother if you appear once in the admiration series …), it’s just reflecting upon what I admire in women and what not.

Well then, you wonder what that picture may mean. Today, I read the blog of a blog acquaintance of mine, and there was a description of a young woman with a totally crazy kind of journey. She arrived at a certain community by travelling on a monkey donkey!! Yes indeed, that woman was travelling weeks long by monkey donkey! That’s so awfully creative & crazy that I had to laugh out like rarely before due to a blog post. What an idea, never heard of anybody doing something like that. I know little about her background and why she did that whole thing … what I admire is simply the strength of character that’s evident in that action. She’s following her idea, doing her journey the way she wants it, though people will surely think she’s crazed off. That kinda character is way too rarely found among women. (Which I say because I’m dealing with woman character in this post. It’s way too rare among men, too. Of course. Who’d question that.)