In addition to my recent article on Amy
resp. her YouTube videos on “emo”
I wondered how an authentic life
with Jesus could be made known to people like the emos, in a way that
would make them take Jesus seriously. Invitations to any Christian
events are useless if there is not already a personal connection. So
what? Here’s a radically different approach to try out. It is an idea
that’s enabled by the rise of the Internet, esp. web 2.0 social
platforms like YouTube.

The basic idea is: come into individual people’s life without any
invitation. Help them where they need help, and call them to Christ.

The practical approach would be kind of the following, and I am
currently inclinded to try that out once my
expedition mobile
is ready:

  1. Get a community of ~4 authentic Christians who are able to deal
    with conflicts quite well, have good social skills and have sympathy
    for every other kind of freaky people.
  2. Get a community truck, e.g. the expedtion mobile I mentioned.
    This will be the permanent living place of the community.
  3. Search and select interesting, freaky people on web 2.0 platforms
    like YouTube. They should be selected if the community judged that they
    might accept Jesus if they just get to know him really and experience
    that he’s truly God and saviour.
  4. Contact these people and await their invitation to meet in
    person. For example, send links to video clips to them with a stylish
    self introduction of this freaky, nomadic community. This steps might
    also be left out … .
  5. Meet in person. Therefore, visit them with the community truck.
    Stay some days with them, placing the truck near the place where they
  6. Invite them to travel with the community for some time. This will
    give good opportunity to introduce Jesus to them in a way that they are
    able to take seriously.
  7. If they finally want to know Jesus personally as their saviour
    and stay with the community, that’s fine. Perhaps they stay for 3
    years, which is a fine time for character education and transformation
    (also called sanctification). Then they start perhaps their own
    invitational transformational community, and the network grows 😉

Does anybody note the similarity to the way Jesus called his
disciples? They were called and had the chance to come at that very
point of time in their life – that’s different from the “permanent but
shy invitation to Jesus” nowadays, that does nothing but get on
people’s nerves. Also note that Jesus started his worldwide kingdom
with 12 (well, 11) well-educated disciples, not with a multitude of
non-transformed churchgoers who had nothing but heard about Jesus.

Start date: 2008-05-25
Post date: 2008-05-25
Version date: 2008-05-25 (for last meaningful change)

Exactly 7 months and 1 day ago, I wrote the article “My vision for my life, as a mindmap“. Here is an update. The mindmap is actually much bigger, as you can unfold the notes that end in a little circle. You see here just the first levels. Actually, I really like playing with that mindmap, ordering stuff and making it clearer, at every time where I’m too confuded or depressed to move on.

Again, note that you need to click the image to view it in original, readable size.

I wrote back then that “it will be cool and humiliating and enlightening to see the differences”. It is! Here’s an overview of the developments in my “thought life”:

  • No steps any more. Instead, all my life content can now be parallel, it’s just ordered by importance, and I’m dealing with the individual items according to present needs and possibilities.
  • Project definition for “A Seeker’s Guide to Life”. That’s what was formerly called “find how to live with God practically” in the mindmap.
  • Cancelling of short-term projects. Namely, the third-place community and organizational design in my church. As for the third-place community, I undertake some steps but failed, and am not really motivated any more for that. However, if the opportunity arises, my motivation will arise as well, I think.
  • Elaborated lifestyle definition. The previous definition laid not that much importance to serving. It went thus: “My desired permanent lifestyle is to be sanctified, travelling the world as a missional mobile community, especially documenting what God does today to confirm God’s truth.” I now think that I’ll have one day seen enough to believe (sic). That is, there will be excess time, which I want to use for other people. I don’t know wat God will recommend then, but I could imagine different kinds of service in different parts of the world, together with a mobile community. This might include teaching at universities in development countries, and some more things a little power community can do.
  • Priority changes. The “Second Acts” (that is, collecting God’s contemporary acts in good historician’s manner) project came from last step to first priority, as I really need the first results in short time.
  • Company establishment. What was formerly “jobs to earn money” is now my own “company”. A small single-person IT company,actually. And at most times, I like this style to work: a really huge amount of freedom, inclduing teleworking, and no career pressure at all. I’d like to have self-employment as my permanent style to work, I think.
  • No world tour? Perish the thought! This was a separate point in the first visionary mindmap, but does not appear in this. I still want to travel, and I still intend a permanently nomadic life. But I don’t call it “world tour” any more: a tour won’t give me what I search, but mobile community, the “Second Acts” project and “A Seeker’s Guide to Life” project will. And all these need journeys and travelling. So, world tour got integrated in these other projects. And into “equipment”, which includes an expedition mobile, and if just to be free to go where I want or need to.
  • On partnership: the big question mark. Nothing concrete to say here. Currently, I’m easygoing with that big question mark in my life.

Start date: 2008-04-30
Post date: 2008-04-30
Version date: 2008-04-30 (for last meaningful change)

During my service in the German army (Deutsche Bundeswehr), I made
an interesting experience. During the basic military education, there
were many situations and circumstances that really sucked. This got on
our nerves, and all of us were really frustrated and pissed off. Now,
when the situations sucked beyond a certain threshold, the interesting
experience was a paradox reaction on my part: at that point, I suddenly
felt well and relaxed and acted bold and audacious.

One instance was when we had a training unit with rifles. It was
raining like all the water had reached its “best before” date. There
was a shelter section spreaded on the ground as a mat for each of us,
to dissassemble and reassemble our weapons on. One of them seemed like
it was not properly waterproofed and was dripping wet. We complained
about that, and nobody layed down on that. The corporal commanded that
one of us should, in order to start the weapon disassembling. Nobody
moved. All of a sudden, I thought this would be fun, stood up and
throwed myself down on that wet mat. Another instance was, in the same
education, one of us had to stay with the weapons during lunch. I
thought it was fun to eat in 10mins after all the other, and
volunteered for that task.

There were other instances like that: there’s a threshold when other
people start to go mad, and I get relaxed and into best mood. On the
other hand, I am often depressed while other people are in their best mood, namely, in
everyday life’s routine. As most of my life currently is made of such
routine, the latter is the normal case and I did not experience the
former for a long time. Until today, which reminded me of that part of
my character.

I stood at the car station and waited for the train to go to my home
town. There was a public announcement that the train is to arrive at an
undetermined time, due to a contact wire damage. That sucked. Than a
woman who stood nearby called her partner and yelled at him to come by
car and pick her up. I myself was in depressed mood all day, but that
cheered me up. People start to go mad? Then I’m going to relax. I sat
down on my Zarged aluminium box, got my notebook, PDA and headphones
and started some transcription work of voice notes. While the world
outside was like hey-go-mad: trains arriving without public
announcement and with wrong destination signage, train personnell
yelling at travellers, travellers yelling at train personnell, people
demaning public announcements (“Damn, can anybody tell us all where
that train goes.”). All that cheered me up for the rest of the day …

Perhaps I should take a close look at life, to recognize that it’s a
war of its own sort. That would make me relaxed and cheerful for the
rest of my life.

Relax, folks, this is war!

Start date: 2008-04-24
Post date: 2008-04-24
Version date: 2008-04-24 (for last meaningful change)

Ok then. Finally, this is the “official” start of the Second Acts
project. I’ve to admit that its predecessor project (“A Seeker’s Guide
to Life”) is not yet finished. But there’s a need to move on now, away
from knowing God just by words about him.


The project “Second Acts” is a proof that God is real. (It’s however
no classical “proof of God” because “proof” is used as in everyday use
and does not mean a strict quasi-mathematical proof.)

This proof is performed by identifying and collecting cases where
the direct and immediate agency of God was experienced. This will
include supernatural answers to prayers, healings, fullfilled
prophecies. To arrive at a strong proof without the discussable
attributes of textual transmission, only contemporary cases are
included, and strong confirmation from various disciplines is collected
for these cases.

This is a quasi-empirical proof, because this way of collecting
contemporary acts of God can be repeated infinitely with new
contemporary acts of God. This is sensitive to the fact that a
permanent personal immediate encounter with God is impossible —
instead, encounters with God occur on are special, rare occasions, and
these cases have to be collected (see the article “The
third way of life in this world

The “Second Acts” project will, for a good part, be no more than a
historician’s collection of what God does today — this fills a gap, as
writing sober chronicles has become unpopular in this world of
Christian pamphlets, emotional devotionals and Bible commentaries. In
biblical times, simply writing facts down was a more common thing to
do, as can be seen from the four Gospels and Acts, which are the new
testament chronicles.


To prove and show God to be real is necessary because ubiquituous
human success, error and heresy robbed our perception of God’s reality.
This is  detailed in the article “Oh
ye of little faith!
“. It’s necessary if we want to want a true,
clear, absolutely full conviction of what we believe — if it is true.
And to disprove Christianity — if it is false.

In practical faith life, the results of the “Second Acts” project
should be combined with a nonreligious, completely demystified
Christian faith. Because this provides a reality-conformant faith in
God: what remains is just the truth, and its confirmation by experience.

The purpose of the “Second Acts” project is not to “find life”, i.e.
to arrive at the conviction and experience that life in this world is a
good way to spend our time. Finding life is up to “A Seeker’s Guide to
Life”, the other project, and “Second Acts” is a part of that, so to
speak. However, an important part, as finding the truth about God is a
very important part of life.

Start date: 2008-04-22
Post date: 2008-04-23
Version date: 2008-04-23 (for last meaningful change)

I was in a very large house, at least 3rd or 4th floor, reatively dark, roomy environment. My position included some military responsibility, but no high degree of that, and the house was something like a military base or headquarter. There was a woman, perhaps end of 20, brown hair, nice and normal appearance, with her child, perhaps 4 years. Both were clothed in bright or white clothes. There were soldiers moving all around, clothed in black, and many weapons and military equipment stood around. I commanded one of the heavily armed soldiers to be the personal soldier of the woman and child, and the intention was that he should bring them "out of here" or "back home", I don't know exactly. It was a dangerous mission, though I don't knwo why (war outside?) or how dangerous. I told the woman, this is your personal soldier, take good care of him. (I now think it was in the sense of: "Take care that you don't lose him, as he's the only one to protect you out there.") They went off together. The last thing I saw was a collection of some strange black rifles standing all in a row.

That was the dream. I dreamt it on 2008-04-18 right before waking up (which was 9 o'clock), and the strange thing was that it was really fluent though no connection to recent personal experiences could be made. Now the question is if it relates in any way to a prayer that I had prayed the evening before when going to bed: to see somewhat of the future, in the sense of, "God, let me see the world somewhat more from your perspective."

If yes, the interpretation would probably be that our walk in this world is always dangerous, as a spiritual war is going on. But there are "personal soldiers" from God's army, assigned to us to protect us and bring us through.

I think that my new interest in dreams as a means ba what God maybe wants to communicates something to us comes from a blog post about dreams in NT times, with some good quotations, that I read in the last days.

Erster Fortschritt beim Ausbau meines Fernreisemobil-Aufbaus: der Entwurf der Inneneinrichtung steht und muss nur noch geändert werden wenn irgendetwas nicht funktioniert. Meine lieben Leser dürfen mich gerne auf entspr. Punkte im Entwurf hinweisen … ihr könnt dazu einen Kommentar interlassen. Danke für alles Feedback 🙂

Hinweis: Bild ggf. durch Daraufklicken vergrößern. Zur Orientierung: links ist hinten (Rückwand des Lkw später).

Ein paar weitere Hinweise zum Verständnis:

Zarges-Kiste Type A 5, 60x40x25cm, Ex Bundeswehr, um 40 EUR/Stück bei eBay, von mir seit Jahren als Standard-Möbelstück verwendet.
Klapptisch, Platte aus 18mm Acrylglas, höhenverstellbar, zusammen zu einem weiteren Bett kombinierbar. Hier sind alle drei Tische aufgebaut, es steht entspr. mehr Platz zur Verfügung wenn das nicht der Fall ist.
Höhenverstellbare Plattform über den am Boden stehenden Behältern, zusammen mit einer Therm-A-Rest Matte als Bett verwendet.
Bürostuhl mit 10cm Vollgummi-Rollen so dass er auch auf Aluminium-Riffelblech (mein Bodenbelag) rollt. Ich wohne seit 3¼ Jahren in einer Einzimmer-Wohnung mit ähnlicher Größe (exkl. Bad) wie meine zukünftige mobile Wohneinheit und habe da die Erfahrung gemacht dass man sich am liebsten rollend zwischen den einzelnen Einrichtungsgegenständen bewegt.
Porta Potti
Kassettentoilette. Die Kassette wird zum Entleeren hygienisch von außen über die Heckgarage herausgezogen.
Mit Toilette, Duschwanne davor. Tür ist zweigeteilt um beim Öffnen die Eingangstür nicht zu verdecken.
Grundfläche 80x140cm, Höhe 130cm. Für alle schweren Dinge und Installationen, u.a. Wassertank, Batteriebank usw..

[Stichwörter für die Suchenden: Inneneinrichtung Fernreisemobil, Inneneinrichtung Expeditionsmobil, Inneneinrichtung Wohnmobil praktisch, Grundriss Fernreisemobil, Grundriss Expeditionsmobil, Grundriss Wohnmobil praktisch, Fernreisemobil einrichten, Expeditionsmobil einrichten, Wohnkoffer einrichten, Wohnaufbau einrichten]

Startdatum: 2008-02-23
Publikationsdatum: 2008-03-02
Versionsdatum: 2008-03-02 (für die letzte bedeutsame Änderung)

Es gibt endlich eine handfeste Neuigkeit in meinem Leben: die Ankofferung. Schon länger suche ich ja ein Fernreisemobil bzw. dessen Einzelteile (Koffer und Fahrzeug). Musste mich aber in Geduld fassen weil zu »meinen Preisvorstellungen« bisher nichts Gutes zu bekommen war. Jetzt ist das anders … der Kofferaufbau steht auf dem Hof. Und ich bin Gott dankbar in einer Welt zu leben in der so etwas eben doch möglich ist, und ich bin Micha dankbar für seine Erfahrung, Geduld und Initiative bei Suche, Kauf und Transport des Koffers. Wie könnte ein Computer-Freak auch sonst zu einem mobilen Zuhause kommen, wenn nicht mit der Hilfe eines Lkw-Freaks und guten Freundes … .

Der Reihe nach

(Do) 2008-02-14 abends
Micha und ich telefonieren während Micha bei surft. Und einen ausgedienten Tiefkühl-Kofferaufbau findet ( Fahrzeug-ID 31456508). Ich solle da am nächsten morgen mal anrufen. Das ist aber schon Routine: ich rufe da an oder maile, und der Koffer oder das Fahrzeug ist  weg, ungeeignet, zu teuer, oder der verkäufer meldet sich nicht.
(Fr) 2008-02-15 11:33:24
Ich rufe da an, erreiche einen netten Russen und bemühe mich ein paar Infos über den Koffer zu erhalten. Klingt schon interessant. Ich schreibe eine Mail an Micha mit den Infos, erwarte aber die Routine. Dieser Lkw-Aufbau z.B. ist zu teuer (1000 EUR).
(Fr) 2008-02-15 13:38:34
Micha ruft an und sagt: »Zieh Dich an, ich bin gleich da, wir holen Deinen Koffer.« Der Micha ist nämlich sehr spontan. Und ein guter Händler!! Der Koffer kostet jetzt nur noch 350 EUR, ohne die beiliegende Hebebühne die wir gar nicht wollen.

(Fr) 2008-02-15 ~15:00
Wir fahren mit Michas VW-Bus und Trailer nach Neuwied zur Ankofferung. Wenn der VW-Bus die Rückfahrt geahnt hätte wäre er wohl nicht angesprungen und hätte es auf den Pflanzenöl-Kraftstoff geschoben. Aber wir haben ihm nicht gesagt wo’s hingeht 😉

(Fr) 2008-02-15 ~16:30
Ankunft in Neuwied. Kurze Besichtigung: der Koffer hat meine Stehhöhe (0,8cm Platz wenn ich mich ohne Schuhe strecke). (Das passt so exakt dass ich hier gerne »höhere Koordination« vermuten würde, also eine konkrete Gabe von Gott.) Das Aufladen ist nicht einfach. Zwei Haltebleche am Hilfsrahmen müssen abgeflext werden. Dann sitzt der Koffer zu weit hinten auf dem Trailer und zog den VW-Bus an der Anhängerkupplung in die Höhe. Wir brauchen unsere mitgenommenen Balken damit sich der Anhänger nicht durchbiegt. Dann noch bezahlen und den Koffer gut verzurren. Micha findet noch einen luftgefederten Lkw-Sitz den wir für 20 EUR bekommen. In dieser Firma arbeiten sehr begabte Russen die innerhalb von 2 Tagen mit 2 Mann einen Lkw in Ersatzteile zerlegen; der Mitarbeiter der uns den Koffer  auflud war auch sehr echt nett und hilfsbereit. Wir verabschieden uns, Abfahrt.

(Fr) 2008-02-15 ~21:30
Wir sind wieder da … mit einer Pause zum Abendessen beim Italiener. Der gute VW-Bus musste sich auf der Autobahn mit 60-80kmh-1 quälen, den Berg hinter Koblenz schafften wir sogar mit 36kmh-1 und bei Ehringshausen musste der T4 einen Berg im ersten Gang nehmen (aber Landstraße!). Viel schwerer und größer hätte der Koffer wirklich nicht sein dürfen, so aber hat alles gepasst. Das Gespann aus Bulli und Trailer ist sehr schön günstig: bei Volllast wie hier nur 10,5l Pflanzenöl auf 100km. Wir entscheiden uns, den Koffer heute abend doch noch abzuladen, was in einer halben Stunde  auch passiert ist.

Technische Daten meines Eigenheims

  • Tiefkühl-Kofferaufbau
  • Baujahr 1992
  • zuletzt auf einem MAN 8150 (mit ~280 Tkm)
  • im Oktober 2007 noch eingesetzt zusammen mit einer halb breiten Hebebühne für Altkleidersammlungen
  • Ausstattung
    • Isolierung rundum 10cm, inkl. Boden und Decke
    • starkes Aluminium-Riffelblech auf dem Boden, mit angeschweißten Seitenteilen
    • Türbeschläge aus Edelstahl

Mehr weiß ich über den Koffer nicht … Typschild usw. gibt es keines. Hier gibt es noch ein kleines Video … darf ich vorstellen: meine Wohnung für die nächsten Jahre, leider noch nicht bezugsfertig 😉

Startdatum: 2008-02-17
Publikationsdatum: 2008-02-18
Versionsdatum: 2008-02-18 (für die letzte bedeutsame Änderung)