On Thursday, 2008-11-27, I bought my first car (ok, I paid a deposit). I never owned a car before! A friend of mine found this one for me (big thanks!!), and it’s really the optimim to get for the money I have for it. It has two seats (for now) and uses approx. 18 litres of Diesel per 100km. Not that of an optimium? Well, the car is a 4WD truck. I need it to carry my house, which is currently build from a used freezer box body of another truck. The house’s boy body was 350 EUR, the truck 2000 EUR, the interieur and refurbishing will need probably 2000 EUR … that’s not too much for a mobile off-road home, I suppose.

Together with a friend, I’m gonna get the car on Tuesday, 2008-12-09. I’m already excited to try it out! For now, I just have two bad photos of it. Here is one. The guy on the photo is not me. He’s checking the technical condition for me.


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