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  • The banality of consumption

    Life in today’s capitalist societies is far from great. It’s full of meaningless bullshit work, full of laws and other constraints, and all of that in the face of multiple ecological crises that ordinary people seem unable to do anything about and elites seem determined to ignore until it is too late. That is exactly […]

  • Celebrating Final Red Cabbage Day

    While I don’t exactly live in a food truck, I live in a truck and I cook food. Here’s a random selection of the dishes that I happen to have photos of. And to finish it all off, below is the last picture of red cabbage that I’ll ever take in my life. It’s something […]

  • How to earn from excess electricity or computing power

    Because I live in a truck, in summer I have the interesting problem of excess (practically free) photovoltaics electricity. The same can happen in an off-grid home or a grid-connected home in a location with zero-export regulations. This is a small overview of the current options to earn from utilizing your unused or underused computing resources […]

  • Software for agile, task-based collaboration

    At the company I co-founded, we have tried for quite some time to find a collaboration software solution that works for young, free-range, independent workers. We’re settling on Dynalist for now – which is not open source 🙁 but otherwise close-to-perfect for our uses, after some necessary adaptations. Below is a list of various applications I studied […]

  • Vanlife Updates (May / June 2017)

    Some pictures of living in the truck over the last month (2017-05-03 to 2017-06-08). #vanlife 🙂 (Click picture to see a larger version.)

  • Selecting a notebook for 4k video editing

    For a friend, I recently researched which notebook can be recommended for Ultra HD video editing (4K UHD, 3840 × 2160 px). Here is, in short, what we found.   First priority: Intel Core i7-7xxx CPU, as fast as possible There are three major ways to encode video: with the processor in software (Linux libx264 […]

  • Idea collection: Electric wheelchair hacking

    Just a quick brain dump: more and less useful things you can do with the components of an old electric wheelchair (usually two 24 V DC geared electric motors of 200-400 W each, a motor controller, and batteries). Telepresence robot for tele-farming. The robot would have a video camera and a high resolution still image […]