Celebrating Final Red Cabbage Day

While I don’t exactly live in a food truck, I live in a truck and I cook food. Here’s a random selection of the dishes that I happen to have photos of.

And to finish it all off, below is the last picture of red cabbage that I’ll ever take in my life. It’s something to celebrate: after seven f*****g years, I have successfully eaten through all of the red cabbage that I had rescued.

The final Red Cabbage Recipe

The backstory is actually this: a friend had a shop for food, and among other things sold jars from a big pallet of overstock or mislabeled red cabbage jars that he had got somewhere. He has this skill of getting the strangest stuff from the strangest of places. But people didn’t buy the red cabbage too much, so when they went past their best before date at the end of 2011, he gave them to me. Let’s do something against food waste, right? And now, the boxes and boxes of jars and jars are all finished. (And also, the last lived to 7.5 years over its best-before date, but still tasted good, and none of the jar lids had lifted in all these years.)

And now, celebrations! Without red cabbage.

Celebrations! (The cake was a gift 😛 )







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  1. Didi

    hehehehe,,I like the starting sentence so much 😀

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