Here are some funny images that I captured around 2008-05-01 with my small (and bad) mobile phone camera, from a disaster that took place in an abandoned basement toilet of my church at that time. After the waste water conduit had got stuck and people in the first floor, unaware of it, kept shitting.

I dunno who they are, I don’t even like their music or the YouTube live videos of this song. I jus’ found these catchy lyrics by them on a blog that I read. They seem to really understand about geekyness! Which is something very rare, and a geek’s solace. Here they go:

Wir sind Helden – The Geek

Bist du zu schlau
Um nicht unangenehm aufzufallen?
Und nicht schön genug
Um damit durchzukommen?

Weißt du genau
Wie es ist, immer rauszufallen?
Nur nicht weit genug
Um woanders anzukommen?

Es tut weh, so zu sein, wie du solltest
Es tut weh, zu sein, wie du bist
Aber wenn der Quarterback kommt
Um dir die Brille abzunehmen
Sag ihm: „Danke, die bleibt, wo sie ist!“

Ich weiß doch:
Die Verletzten sollen die Ärzte sein
Die Letzten sollen die Ersten sein
Sieh es ein: the meek shall inherit the earth
Die Verletzten sollen die Ärzte sein
Die Letzten sollen die Ersten sein
Die Ersten sehen als Letzte ein:
The geek shall inherit the earth

Nicht deine Zeit, nicht deine Füße
Nicht dein Beat, nicht deine Leute
Deine Welt nicht und nicht mal dein Schmerz

Du musst hier nicht dazugehören
Aber such dir, was zu dir gehört
Du musst nicht tanzen
Aber beweg dein Herz

Es tut weh, so zu sein, wie du denkst, dass du solltest
Es tut weh, so zu sein, wie du denkst, dass du bist
Aber wenn die Homecoming Queen kommt
Um dich wach zu küssen
Sag ihr: „Danke, ich hab nichts vermisst!“

Ich weiß doch:
Die Verletzten sollen die Ärzte sein
Die Letzten sollen die Ersten sein
Sieh es ein: the meek shall inherit the earth
Die Verletzten sollen die Ärzte sein
Die Letzten sollen die Ersten sein
Die Ersten sehen als Letzte ein:
The geek shall inherit the earth

I leave out the rest as I really have no idea what they mean there …

I’m right now in the “lucky” situation of getting paid by a customer, for some programming I did for them in the last months and weeks. The invoice is slightly overdue, but at least the money is coming (it’s needed over here …). In my experience as a year-long self-employed, it’s not clear if and when customers will be able to pay the invoices you write. The bigger the invoice, the more insecure … .

And every time when I’m waiting for some bigger invoice to be paid, I’m thinking about what it means that God will “supply” for us. First, he promised to supply for the basic needs of those who “care foremost for His kingdom and His righteousness” (Mt 5:33 I think). I’m stumbling already here: I’m not sure if I fulfill the prerequisites. Do I care for God’s kingdom? Foremost?

Second thing is, God and us spoilt Westerners seem to have different definitions of what are the basic needs that are mentioned in Mt 5:33. Jesus mentions food, drinking and clothing there. Which means, we are in God’s supply if we need to live from Hartz IV. Sounds strange? This just happened to somebody from my Jesus Freaks homegroup, who, after his studies of theology, lived for some time on Hartz IV (before getting a job via a temporary employment agency, and making progress there).

Now, I find this option problematic. Because, no, I don’t want to live from Harty IV. It’s not because I’d be poor then … I did live and can live on even much less (330 EUR a month pure net income) without feeling bad. It’s because I’m too proud not to earn my own money, and, even more important, because I want to retain my freedom. I simply don’t want officials or a “chef” to tell me what meaningless job to do for them, where to be when etc..

The result: Because of our different definitions of “basic needs”, it can happen that I feel uncared for while being fully supplies by God with the things I need. That’s indeed a problem. And I think not just mine, but ours.

Here’s a line of thought that caught me and accompanied me through the last days.

I always wondered what it practically means that “God sanctifies his people”. I did not experience to be subject to any curriculum that would exhibit itself in the situations that occur in my life (even worse, I was successful in avoiding the situations where I could learn something …). Also, I did not get teachers assigned (those in your congregation don’t get assigned to you, it’s more like an optional course in university, and so is the outcome). One could argue that it actually is the task of brothers and sisters in faith to educate each other (Mt 28:20 ?), but while this is not the case we need to get another solution … .

The effect was this: I just saw these fine behavior standards in the Bible, and was unaware that I lacked the proper education to live these out. And because I was unaware, I thought I’m undisciplined not to live out what’s written. But when I tried to be disciplined, it did not work. And I was unaware that I just tried to do stuff wherein I was never educated, and thus failed … .

But, it’s now coming to me how sanctification can work: educate yourself. If the teachers are too few or too busy to really get you successfully through the education process, you need to do it yourself. And, you got the manual (called “Bible”).

The difference between self-education and self-discipline is, you start with the small steps. You recognize that “discipline” is not a decision, an effort or good performance on the human side, but a custom. And you acquire a custom of behavior by education … .

Currently, I’m thinking to use this autodidactic sanctification (of course, always in conversation with God …) as my non-religious flavor of Bible time.

My first experiments with this education thing are also in place. I realized that this kinda education is a moment-by-moment challenge for adequate personal behavior. For “adult” behavior, esp. in the spiritual sense. For holiness, resembling God more. And really, moment-by-moment: in every moment, there is at least one adequate thing to do, according to the Manual, but it’s not always comfortable.

The adequate thing to do no (or better, half an hour ago …) is to go to bed. It’s already 1:10am, and going to bed that early is a first step to go towards learning discipline … . 😉

There’s currently a very funny thing happening in my favourite 4×4 truck forum. A young woman wants to buy herself a Magirus Mercur 4×4 truck, to live in it. She asked the forum for tips how to check the vehicle and how to drive home, and got a deluge of tips, hints, help, private phone numbers, addresses, help offers, everything, really.

Now the long thread got really funny when she said, she got no co-driver as her boy-friend had to take care of her dog. One guy in the forum then teased “If there are some ‘disappointed hearts’ now?”. And another one: “Yea, jus’ wanted to say, this is probably the longest and most diplomatic getting-a-truck thread that has been in this forum ever. Before the concerned person even started to drive … . To other people this forum had surely answered in the sense of: If you’re driving willingly without tools, engine oil and stuff, a sleeping bag etc., you don’t need to call us up if things are gonna be a cock-up.”

Which proves, probably, that women can have a pretty easy life if they learned how to ask for help. If they’re really good, everybody will have fun helping and nobody will get disappointed. I know that kinda relationship myself, with respect to a young women, now also a friend and a long-term neighbor. We have this hey-it’s-fun-to-help-ya style of relationship for six years now. No flirtation implied. It’s just nice to see her doing fine.

Searching for my last blog post by Google made me find highly entertaining stuff. The fact that I find it entertaining probably makes me a libertarian. What is it?

First, the Seasteading Project. They’re going to populate the ocean in international waters, i.e. founding new states as laboratories for new kinds of societies. It’s not just utopia … they’re building it!

Second, the Free State Project. It’s the call for 20,000 libertarian people to register for moving to New Hampshire (U.S. east coast state), in order to sort of “democratically revolutionize” that state. Today, they have 8973 people who committed to move over to NH within five years of reaching the 20,000th registration.

Libertarians criticize the current political systems, including democracies. I found this ingenious quote on the Seasteading website:

Specifically, it [pointing out utopias] will not make a system act differently than its nature and the incentives it provides to the people who participate in it. And just as this dictates that centrally managed economies will be slow and lack innovation, it dictates that modern democracies will have highly parasitic governments, because we are too rich for it to be worth fighting and too tied to our homes to run away.

Being honest to myself, my expedition vehicle project is just that: running away from here. I love liberty, and think that I’m gonna find more of that if I’m not tied closely to any state, society or economy like I’m now tied to. Instead of seasteading, isle-planting or a free state project, I’m simply gonna move between states to where the most liberty is (or the most pressing task, that depends).

Happy to have found out one more reason for my strange thinkstyle / lifestyle! Hey, I understand myself somewhat better! Think it’s worth going to bed now …

In L.A., approx. 8% of the population is living on the streets, sleeping in their cars [source]. Which is, to a significant part, an effect of the financial and economic crisis. (The L.A. numbers are the highest in th U.S. … I’m not writing here that this is a nation-wide phenomenon in the U.S.)

Wait a moment, what’s wrong with sleeping in your car? 😉 Hey, of course, I pity those who need to do and don’t want to. Some however, including me, want to do so deliberately. It takes you to a higher level of spatial mobility if your house has wheels. And to a higher level of financial mobility, as you can drastically reduce the running costs.

Reading the L.A. numbers of homeless people makes me think that those crisis effects might come to us also. Perhaps 1-3 crisises [uh … sic?] later than the current one. And, it made me think: I’m not gonna fall in crisis if I’m living already as if I had fallen in crisis. Noone will drive me out of my home to sleep in my car … I’m doing this already! (Well … at that time. The motorhome project is not yet through, you know.)