Third visionary mindmap

Today, I created a mess of my evening by missing the right time to leave for church. Sigh … I was quite enthusiastic to go there! It’s a Jesus Freaks group, and I joined it just recently (2008-10-19), as my former church … umh, say, ceased to exist. Ok, now that I missed the meeting, I need to do something nice as well. Let’s play somewhat with this great free mindmapping tool and then publish an update to my life’s mindmap … .

So here it goes. Click on the image to magnify.

Some notes, as the last version was published already some months ago and some stuff changed.

  • The Xpedition.This is a composite that contains all things related to my life vision, formerly distrubuted all around. Namely the following projects:
    • “Second Acts” (experiencing God’s truth)
    • “A Seeker’s Guide to Life” (understanding about practical living with God)
    • “Personal Life Development” (learing about practical living with God)
    • Xpedition Community (my intended mobile power community … though I have to admit that my motivation for that is currently near zero, as I have not yet experienced any working example or seen a way to found it)
  • Task management included. Since the end of 2008-10, I use freemind instead of KOrganizer for task management. And I need to say, I don’t regret the migration. After you’ve found the best ways to handle and store tasks (which takes some weeks of practice), you’ll find that a mindmapping tool is far more flexible for task management. For example, you can easily add all your task-related notes to the task you’re currently processing.
  • Journaling included. This is some sort of archiving important information about my life, to learn from it. Blogging is a part of that (see “blog post journal”, though I’m using mindmap for drafting the posts only, not yet for storing them locally).

Overall, it’s interesting how long it takes until you arrive at a clear and functional digital representation of your life 🙂 I’m quite satisfied with the current state, as I can access all tasks, task ideas, project notes and journal entries with just a few clicks from the mindmap above. But I was satisfied several times, months ago, and in a few months, things will be even more clear, which I cannot even imagine now.







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