Ode to God and the Freaks

There are times where it’s sooo obvious that this world was originally created by a good God! I’m in such a time these very days, feeling very blessed and grateful … or, more concretely:

  1. There’s a really really cool Jesus Freaks congregation in my town, hey, and I’m becoming part of it ๐Ÿ˜‰
  2. My vision of a mobile, compact and flexible life finally unfolds somewhat, as I got this cool 4WD truck to live in today.
  3. The job I’m currently doing is way cool (Java programming by teleworking as a freelancer). I complained about that job: boring, no social contacts, it’s difficult to motivate myself to start working. But today I compared it to jobs of people I know: warehousing for a temporary employment agency, for way-too-low wages and 10-11 hrs/d and 6d/week. And … man, what a blessing my job is.
  4. These people in the Jesus Freaks house group that I joined make me hungry to get more from Jesus and more like Jesus.

Now I’ll elaborate the last point, as I’m currently “flashed” by these people ๐Ÿ™‚ (just before came from the house group, then started blogging …).

Those who know me or my writings know my critical in-depth analyses, and how they paralysed at times the drive to be faithful to God. Which is because I met few motivating paragons: analysing people critically challenges the truth of their beliefs, and analysing people in-depth challenges the purity of their zeal. Those who withstood the test didn’t make up a critical mass to ignite me with Jesus zeal (esp. not due to the dissipation of my former congregation, a Calvary Chapel church … because you know, critical mass needs compactness to uphold the chain reaction). It seems that I’ve found that critical mass in this Jesus Freaks house group that I’m visiting for some weeks now ๐Ÿ™‚

When admiring people, it’s rewarding to observe why exactly you’re admiring. In this case it’s because they are, in character, to some degree like Jesus … or, more concretely:

  1. Spiritually intense. They can be funny and silly, but it’s amazing how intense and involved they are when discussing spiritual things. Today we had to discuss the topic “Jesus and women”, and in the serious, spiritual parts of the evening there was nearly no trace of childish foolery that’s so common among young adults when discussing cross-gender relationship stuff.
  2. Intelligent wording. It’s amazing how mature and intelligent they argue, also those who are quite young (doing their A-level exams or studying for 3 semesters, e.g.). I can comprehend their thoughts, but I could not generate them as I think in a different style. That’s really an enrichment! Especially, when people nit just think differently, but are also able to verbalize their thoughts … clean verbalization of their emotional thinking is somewhat rare among women, but commonplace in this house group. Wow!
  3. Open-mindedness. It’s so refreshing to have a homogenous group of open-minded people, without the tradition of Christian fundamentalist style of thinking. Where open-minded means: allowing oneself to think experimentally, touching new areas and latent solutions; and it means broad-mindedmess: being able to form one enjoyable group even though theologic opinions differ widely. Jesus is Savior and Lord … and everything else is fun to discuss. Of course open-mindedness is also dangerous (and I could give examples from the group), but narrow-minded fundamentalism is not less dangerous just because it is static and nothing will or is allowed to happen.
  4. Blushless talking. At first, their prosaic, brute honesty in the familiar atmosphere of this house group bewildered me. There’s seemingly no taboo, you can talk about everythink everytime. Just take care that you talk about averything as being “just as normal as everything else”. (I think that’s because high-levelled emotionality, secretiveness and shame are not results of taboos, they create taboos by people better avoiding these topics in the future.) On the few (~5) evenings I met the group, they talked about a range of topics which would be termed taboo by many Christians: sex before marriage, libidinous thinking, woman’s beauty mania, lesbian relationships, masturbation, having a boy-friend who’s no Christian, being hurt emotionally by an ex-boyfriend, the precious special attributes of the relationship between a female Christian and a male Jesus. And much more, and more to come.

Now of course also this group is far from being perfect. But Jesus teaches them, and they learn. And I hope not to be an inhibitor to the upcoming chain reaction … .



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2 responses to “Ode to God and the Freaks”

  1. Nicole

    I gawp at you:
    critical notes about the calvary chapel?
    Iยดm staggered….

  2. matew

    Oh, no bewilderment intended ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Hmm … I’d say, sad notes. I liked the people there, and among them I found good and inspiring examples. In the end we were simply too few to be a church any longer. Which was quite a sad time ;(

    As for the anti-fundamentalist notes above, this refers not to CC. At least, not to my CC experience.

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