Admiration #1

Here’s a difficult question: is a man allowed in blogosphere to state that he admires a certain woman? I mean not any actor or pop star, but a real girl from real life. And by admiration I mean not “desire”, but primarily admiration as a character, admiration of lifestyle, admiration as personality. Now it’s uttered from a man and regards a woman, so this sets up a context (willingly or not) which makes public announcement in the Internet problematic. At least I read no blog post that contained such a statement. It might be a taboo in the blogosphere.

But, I’ll approach the taboo here and see how to handle it … of course this means, mention no names, no hints and no sources. My intent is here that it might be of worth to collect admirable attributes of persons of the other sex. No further concrete action is implied on my side (so don’t bother if you appear once in the admiration series …), it’s just reflecting upon what I admire in women and what not.

Well then, you wonder what that picture may mean. Today, I read the blog of a blog acquaintance of mine, and there was a description of a young woman with a totally crazy kind of journey. She arrived at a certain community by travelling on a monkey donkey!! Yes indeed, that woman was travelling weeks long by monkey donkey! That’s so awfully creative & crazy that I had to laugh out like rarely before due to a blog post. What an idea, never heard of anybody doing something like that. I know little about her background and why she did that whole thing … what I admire is simply the strength of character that’s evident in that action. She’s following her idea, doing her journey the way she wants it, though people will surely think she’s crazed off. That kinda character is way too rarely found among women. (Which I say because I’m dealing with woman character in this post. It’s way too rare among men, too. Of course. Who’d question that.)







2 responses to “Admiration #1”

  1. Whitney

    Hi Matew,
    I think it’s perfectly fine for a man to say that he admires a woman. I admire many women and men.

    By the way, she was traveling on a donkey, not a monkey eh eh =)

  2. Whitney, thanks for the positive response … so the series can be continued 🙂 And thanks for the hint to the monkey/donkey mistake. That mistake gave me the second laugh today that was caused by a blog post.

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