Category: theology

  • On Heaven

    Christian folks often have a blessed ignorance when it comes to heaven. O.k., the Book says not much ’bout it, but we missed to make us some warmer thoughts on that topic. Most folks did not even realize the full extent of what is going wrong on earth, so they expect too much stuff from […]

  • Helping this world at system level?

    There is a disagreement in Christianity if the world can be helped at system level, and if yes, if a Christian is allowed to do so. First position: it’s forbidden Some people hold the opinion that the world cannot be really helped at the system level. Because man is, in essence, really bad. And even […]

  • God's 2% is more than the world's wisdom

    Discussing the weaknesses of the Christian churches with a friend, it became apparent that the church is, and ever was through its history, way below its potential. Where potential of course does not mean what the church does with buildings, money and authority; but in what degree it’s good for the people, in the sense […]

  • Why God might be silent

    I’m in the process of preparing an international journey to observe God’s immediate, supernatural activity. Which means that I think these things do not happen in our Western societies any more, and for long, I wondered why. Finally, here are two ideas why God might be silent in Western societies. One could be derived from […]

  • In awe of God, a positive sense of distance

    God might be far away, meaning answers to prayer and messages from God are really, really rare. At least in the Western world at this time. And it is difficult to deal with that distance, it is something “unlivable” to put all ones hope into something that will not (or nearly not) come into experience […]

  • Second life of Second Acts

    In the recent article “Third way cont., up to the end” I said that it would be “the last to the “Second Acts” series of posts, canceling that project resp. leaving it to be “just some visits” while on my tour through Africa.”. This is no longer true … I realized in the time since […]

  • Third way cont., up to the end

    There have been numerous posts in my blog about the “Third Way”. This is probably the last, about the “end of the Third Way” and the lifestyle that’s enabled when arriving there. It is also, most astonishing, the last to the “Second Acts” series of posts, canceling that project resp. leaving it to be “just […]