Second life of Second Acts

In the recent article “Third way cont., up to the end” I said that it would be “the last to the “Second Acts” series of posts, canceling that project resp. leaving it to be “just some visits” while on my tour through Africa.”. This is no longer true … I realized in the time since then that I simply cannot or do not want to believe life-long in something that is just in “the Book” but not in my experience.

It felt “unlivable” to be doomed, as a Westerner, to in effect have a deistic God for ones time on earth. For Westerners also, experience is something totally different than knowledge: knowledge is the informational representation of experience. Knowledge might be enough to believe (and I do believe because I know something about God from history), but it is not enough to have living, life-giving, life-long hope for eternal life.

If the existence of eternal life depended, in some strange way, on the existence of the charm quark c, I think I would also be interested to know for sure and by personal observation (“experience”), rather than just from some physics books in the library.

But I will probably not come back to the scientific style that the “Second Acts” project originally had. Such a thing is over my limits in terms of time and money. It will be “just some visits” in Africa, but with substantial results and documented per video.






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