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  • It all. Nothing short of it all.

    In your twenties, you were a visionary. You wanted to learn it all, and fix it all. All the world. Ever realized that you cannot do everything that is meaningful in your life? When you dedicate your life to help people with HIV, you can't go find a cure for HIV. Or find the quantum […]

  • Scientific Writing and Knowledge Management with Docear

    This is so far just a proposal – I did not fully test it out yet, but have exlored options for two days and this seems best, for my requirements. (And thanks to mantas in the comments, whose tip for Docear lead to this major rework of an earlier article, which was using Freemind instead.) Requirements […]

  • Two big problems

    This world has only two big unsolved problems. First, the truth about God is not apparent (so people cannot believe the right thing easily). Second, people are bad (so people cannot live in freedom and peace and sustainable manner). It’s an important insight that these are disconnected problems: even if Christianity is the right religion, […]

  • Invisible miracles

    Yesterday I met a guy from church who suffered a stroke in his thirties. More precisely, two strokes. He has no problems of this remaining, none at all. This is strange, because it is  unlikely, though not impossible. So this could be a “live miracle”. It was hard to believe that this guy had suffered stroke […]

  • Practical epistemology

    Each individual person can do nothing better than to find and use the best epistempology (a method for determining truth) for which he or she has the resources to use it. As this will return the best possible results, while even better but utopic epistemologies return no results at all. Therefore, people in ancient cultures […]

  • In awe of God, a positive sense of distance

    God might be far away, meaning answers to prayer and messages from God are really, really rare. At least in the Western world at this time. And it is difficult to deal with that distance, it is something “unlivable” to put all ones hope into something that will not (or nearly not) come into experience […]

  • Second life of Second Acts

    In the recent article “Third way cont., up to the end” I said that it would be “the last to the “Second Acts” series of posts, canceling that project resp. leaving it to be “just some visits” while on my tour through Africa.”. This is no longer true … I realized in the time since […]