Two big problems

This world has only two big unsolved problems. First, the truth about God is not apparent (so people cannot believe the right thing easily). Second, people are bad (so people cannot live in freedom and peace and sustainable manner).

It’s an important insight that these are disconnected problems: even if Christianity is the right religion, and is applied large scale to the whole earth, people are still bad on average, and the world will not become a free and peaceful and sustainable place. Because, there is much power abuse and exploitation of both people and nature in “Christian” nations, and also by Christians.

So we need two solutions. I propose Second Acts for the first problem, and EarthOS for the second.






One response to “Two big problems”

  1. Florian

    Agree with esp. second of these big unsolved problems. If EarthOS cannot solve it: Maybe of interest how that problem is discussed by two philosophers that who see is become an even more existential problem esp. in a world with enhanced technology, and the question of e.g. genetic re-engineering of humans to make them better:

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