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  • Born in a manger

    Why was Jesus born in a manger? ‘Cause of all the merciless religious crazy people who’d not let his mother in a house, ’cause she was pregnant bot not married. Hey c’m’ on, if it’s your home town, you know some people there, and can ask them if they have a room if you’re in […]

  • The epistemology behind Second Acts

    I’m currently reading: Francis A. Schaeffer: The God Who is There, Inter-Varsity Press, 1968. This article is a set of interesting citations from that work, with my comments. It turned out to be the first rather complete presentation of the epistemology behind the Second Acts project, but is still ordered by the order of the […]

  • The third way of joy

    There are two modes how Christian live out joy: either, not at all, or they claim to have joy because of a 24-7 immediate relationship to God. That’s in parallel to the two ways that the “third way” articles oppose, namely: lifeless orthodoxy, and the 24-7 paradigm. The third way of joy would be: use […]

  • The over-application of antithetic truth

    This is inspired by an excerpt of Francis A. Schaeffer: The God Who is There. Basically, Schaeffer unveiled the transition from the “old” understanding of truth as concordance with facts in the objective world, to the “post-modern”, Hegelian understanding, where truth is an ever-changing synthesis, created in the clash of synthesis and antithesis in discourse. […]

  • Third way of hearing the voice of God

    In the tradition In this blog, there’s a special tradition of “third way” articles. It started off with the first real live post on this blog on 2007-07-20, titled What kinda company with God is possible?. I developed there, for the first time, the “brand new idea” that personal encounters with God (immediate God-experiences) are […]

  • Passion as the key to motivation

    I’ve wondered once and again why I have such a little level of motivation in my life, when comparing to others. It seems that I’m slowly getting to recognize the causes now. As, one cause seems to be: I did not allow me to be passionate about anything. Why that? As a rational thinker, my […]

  • Faith, as in faithful

    Regarding the title: In the IT world, there’s the famous differentiation between free software (“free, as in freedom”) and freeware (“free, as in free beer”). Using that as an analogy: it seems that Christians are not really of one accord when it comes to the meaning of “faith”. Some think of it as “faith, as […]