The third way of joy

There are two modes how Christian live out joy: either, not at all, or they claim to have joy because of a 24-7 immediate relationship to God. That’s in parallel to the two ways that the “third way” articles oppose, namely: lifeless orthodoxy, and the 24-7 paradigm.

The third way of joy would be: use your emotions in a true way (see my article on that), but use them as your natural ability. Your emotions have no innate connection to God, they are no God experience, and are not caused by God, but by things that somebody does, be it God or man. Especially, worship is no God experience. You are not “close to God” in worship, but might feel close to him. And that’s o.k. if it’s true, and stimulating that feeling by worship is o.k. if it’s true.







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