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  • Different definitions of "basic needs"

    I’m right now in the “lucky” situation of getting paid by a customer, for some programming I did for them in the last months and weeks. The invoice is slightly overdue, but at least the money is coming (it’s needed over here …). In my experience as a year-long self-employed, it’s not clear if and […]

  • Way cool: Overland Missions

    It has been some time now that I searched the Internet again and again, for a group of people with the same style and interests as mine. You know, expedition style, interested in God’s supernatural acts, living in and developing development countries, all that stuff … . Now today about 0.00 AM I found the […]

  • Jesus and the figs

    Yesterday, some friends and me discussed a strange story from the Gospels. We had some ideas, but could not really determine what is the correct interpretation. So, some more thoughts here. The story was that where Jesus cursed the fig tree, in Mk 11:12-14, 19-24: 12 On the next day, when they had left Bethany, […]

  • The Gospel and self-marketing

    The Gospel is such a good thing that one wonders why it’s not self-marketing like the best industrial products do. If it would be natural for all the converts to tell all their friends and neighbours about the Gospel, it could be called self-marketing. The story of he Samaritan woman in John 4 is one […]

  • Go and model God, guys!

    There’s a guy, sitting in front of a Catholic church, selling candles. Do you think God would do this? There’s a guy, sitting tight before the idiot box and consuming all the cheap flicks. Do you think God could be found doing so? There’s a guy who preferred his pride to his girlfriend, and now […]

  • Details about my truck "Trolf"

    Ok … now that I bought the truck on (Thu) 2008-11-27 and paid it and drove it home on (Tue) 2008-12-09, it’s really time to write something about that little adventure, and give some technical details. Sadly, without a video clip for now, as I currently have troubles uploading to JumpCut to edit the clip […]

  • Logicians also should accept themselves

    Decomposition as hindering being “intuitively human” Or: “Why logic is no valid maxim”. “Maxim”, for the context of this post, shall mean “the single, highest principle that guides all activity of a human being”. When conducting research in any aspect of analytic anthropology, an anthropological model arises according to which man is composed of components. […]