Go and model God, guys!

There’s a guy, sitting in front of a Catholic church, selling candles.
Do you think God would do this?

There’s a guy, sitting tight before the idiot box and consuming all the cheap flicks.
Do you think God could be found doing so?

There’s a guy who preferred his pride to his girlfriend, and now he created a sad mess out of his life.
Do you think that’s what God would maneuver himself into?

There, a buch of greedy gamblers, kicking the world into its next economic crisis.
Do you think that’s what represents God’s character?

There, a small church that died from quarelling.
Do you think this modeled God?

There. This Filipina who got donated the money for a heart operation of a relative, but preferred to buy a TV, which killed the sick one within 3 weeks.
Do you think this is what God’s grace and mercy is modeled after?

And there. These people think it’s adequate to “revenge” themselves by firing missiles.
Do you think God fires missiles?

If no, GO AND MODEL GOD!! All of you, whereever you are.
How else do you think this world is ever going to become a nicer place?
Remember that your life’s time is everything you have down here.
And see that nothing’s more precious than modeling God in the time that’s given you.

So now, if you want to live in a lovely place, start to love.







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