Why God might be silent

I’m in the process of preparing an international journey to observe God’s immediate, supernatural activity. Which means that I think these things do not happen in our Western societies any more, and for long, I wondered why. Finally, here are two ideas why God might be silent in Western societies.

One could be derived from the OT story of Eli, who lived at a time where the Bible says the word of God was rare: people are doing as they please, and as a consequence, God hides, because the people do not seek him. This relates to the society as a whole, not to the Christians still in it, because signs and miracles are not foremost signs to the believers but to the unbelievers (see the notion of the sign of tongues in one of Paul’s epistles).

Another reason could be that God spares a society of more severe judgment by not performing miracles, as they are in a condition that they would not accept them if they would happen. This could be derived from Jesus saying that he could not do many miracles in a city because of their unbelief: if he had done, they would’ve to be judged more severely, but he wants to spare them. Also see Jesus words on Capernaum and Nazareth, saying that they will receive harder judgment that Sodom and Gomorrah because they saw great miracles and did not believe in spite of that.

Together this seems to explain the absence of God’s immediate actions, and the reason is God’s grace with non-believers and not God’s judgment of or being angry at his people!







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