Category: theology

  • What do we really know about God?

    It is a problem that humanity knows only very few facts about God for sure. Some things from natural theology, like that there must be a God. But even if we accept historical knowledge about Christianity as reliable enough to accept it as facts, there are not so many facts. Because one needs to keep […]

  • Invisible miracles

    Yesterday I met a guy from church who suffered a stroke in his thirties. More precisely, two strokes. He has no problems of this remaining, none at all. This is strange, because it is  unlikely, though not impossible. So this could be a “live miracle”. It was hard to believe that this guy had suffered stroke […]

  • Nobel Prize of Theology

    Why is there no such thing as a Nobel Prize of Theology? It would be granted for major advancements in theology … . The most prominent reason is probably that we have no well-accepted epistemology how to arrive at new knowledge in theology. People have different hypotheses (= different religions), claiming them to be true […]

  • Get sober, Christian fellows

    In Third Way style, the way to approach Christianity would be this: accept the Gospel as a trustable message based in traceable history; but do not interpret reality based on this message except where there is no unvcertainty how to interpret reality; there are really few cases where there is no uncertainty, and among them […]

  • The art of mental management

    During the last week I learned two important things. First, real desperation is one of the worst imaginable conditions. (To the extent that I speculate: being stuck in desperation forever could be said to be “in hell”.) Second: thinkers are more prone to fall into desperation, but there are learnable mental management techniques to guard […]

  • Practical epistemology

    Each individual person can do nothing better than to find and use the best epistempology (a method for determining truth) for which he or she has the resources to use it. As this will return the best possible results, while even better but utopic epistemologies return no results at all. Therefore, people in ancient cultures […]

  • Ooops, relationship

    Many people like to be free and independent. Some even to the degree that they prefer self-employment over the security of employment, and friendships over the reliability of long-term pair relationship. Of course there’s always the danger of loneliness, but also always the benefit of flexible, agile, simple living. You gotta agree with only yourself […]