Many people like to be free and independent. Some even to the degree that they prefer self-employment over the security of employment, and friendships over the reliability of long-term pair relationship. Of course there’s always the danger of loneliness, but also always the benefit of flexible, agile, simple living. You gotta agree with only yourself if you want to cancel your job, sell your car, move abroad, travel for years or anything like that.

With one exception. If you’re Christian, you entered a relationship to Jesus. You’re no longer totally free and independent. Instead you will now want to act in a way that you know is compatible with Jesus’ values and ideas, or ask Jesus if some decision is o.k., or what he proposes.

Even “worse”, this kind of dependence will not cease for all eternity. But as every kind of relationship, this can also be a highly valuable experience that you’ll never want to miss again.

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