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  • Am I libertarian?

    Searching for my last blog post by Google made me find highly entertaining stuff. The fact that I find it entertaining probably makes me a libertarian. What is it? First, the Seasteading Project. They’re going to populate the ocean in international waters, i.e. founding new states as laboratories for new kinds of societies. It’s not […]

  • Market, you're damn stupid!

    Regarding my job, I’ve a strong feeling that prohibits me from doing work that deems senseless to me. (It’s not that I don’t need to do such things just for the money, but it’s a torture.) The problem is, now, that mine and the market’s opinions what is meaningful to do deviate widely. It’s easy […]

  • Ode to God and the Freaks

    There are times where it’s sooo obvious that this world was originally created by a good God! I’m in such a time these very days, feeling very blessed and grateful … or, more concretely: There’s a really really cool Jesus Freaks congregation in my town, hey, and I’m becoming part of it 😉 My vision […]

  • Third visionary mindmap

    Today, I created a mess of my evening by missing the right time to leave for church. Sigh … I was quite enthusiastic to go there! It’s a Jesus Freaks group, and I joined it just recently (2008-10-19), as my former church … umh, say, ceased to exist. Ok, now that I missed the meeting, […]

  • Admiration #1

    Here’s a difficult question: is a man allowed in blogosphere to state that he admires a certain woman? I mean not any actor or pop star, but a real girl from real life. And by admiration I mean not “desire”, but primarily admiration as a character, admiration of lifestyle, admiration as personality. Now it’s uttered […]

  • One personality disorder for everybody

    There is an ongoing discussion regarding the causes of personality disorders (according to the Wikipedia article on personality disorders). Depth psychology emphasizes childhood as the key area, psychotherapy emphasizes adolescence and the identity buildup phase, learning models and behaviorists emphasize that personality disorders are something learned. Globally, they are rather complimentary and support each other […]

  • Me 2.0

    There’s all this hype going on about the “web 2.0”, which is “social Internet”. So how about the version 2.0 update of myself: the social me. It’s long overdue, I suppose. I envision myself to approach my fellow humans directly, audaciously, furiously, and at the same time lovingly, warmly, and heartily. That’s quite the opposite […]