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  • Invitational 'n' transformational

    In addition to my recent article on Amy resp. her YouTube videos on “emo” I wondered how an authentic life with Jesus could be made known to people like the emos, in a way that would make them take Jesus seriously. Invitations to any Christian events are useless if there is not already a personal […]

  • Second visionary mindmap

    Exactly 7 months and 1 day ago, I wrote the article “My vision for my life, as a mindmap“. Here is an update. The mindmap is actually much bigger, as you can unfold the notes that end in a little circle. You see here just the first levels. Actually, I really like playing with that […]

  • Relax, this is war

    During my service in the German army (Deutsche Bundeswehr), I made an interesting experience. During the basic military education, there were many situations and circumstances that really sucked. This got on our nerves, and all of us were really frustrated and pissed off. Now, when the situations sucked beyond a certain threshold, the interesting experience […]

  • Second Acts project definition

    Ok then. Finally, this is the “official” start of the Second Acts project. I’ve to admit that its predecessor project (“A Seeker’s Guide to Life”) is not yet finished. But there’s a need to move on now, away from knowing God just by words about him. Definition The project “Second Acts” is a proof that […]

  • Your personal soldier

    I was in a very large house, at least 3rd or 4th floor, reatively dark, roomy environment. My position included some military responsibility, but no high degree of that, and the house was something like a military base or headquarter. There was a woman, perhaps end of 20, brown hair, nice and normal appearance, with […]

  • Alternatlive! …!!

    That’s, live an alternative. Let’s critically rethink the way we perceive and live life. I will list alternatives with equal costs, i.e. between one can choose. Dwelling. My dwelling currently consists of a small room (14m² incl. bathroom) in a multi-party house on the border of a midsize town. I might just as well join […]

  • My leftover Unicode characters

    Yesterday, I was in the process of looking for a fitting logo for my new-established minikin company. Me thought it was an interesting idea to look for a Unicode / UCS character that would be fit to represent the logo I had in mind. So I grabbed the gucharmap tool and looked for such a […]