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  • Without Cologne Cathedral

    The next, last and only “project” I really need to get done in this life is “Second Acts“, which deals with finding God at work in this world today, as a confirmation for my faith in God and Christ. For the project, cf. also my mindmap-style project plan in article “My vision for my life, […]

  • To be or to be myself

    I thought that only Islamic culture is based on shame and honour, so I was somewhat shocked to see the the culture of my personal life share these characteristics to a good degree: it’s my western shame culture. That was an interesting observation that I recently made: my life does not feel well because I […]

  • convert -lat 30×30+20%

    Today, some funny image happened to me when trying to improve the contrast of some digital facsimile scans for a neighbor of mine. Dear neighbor, can u guess in a comment the worksheet number where this image belongs to? And to the other guys and gals out there: what might that be? Jus’ crazy, isn’t […]

  • Yeah, I'm losing my job 🙂

    Today, 2007-11-30 at about 10:30, my chef and friend called me and told me we’re both losing our current job at 2007-12-31. Basically, that’s cool … not just that I really dislike this job. Times of changes are times where new and good things can arise. And even better, risky times have the latent possibility […]

  • Way to truth and life, fifth start

    Four dead-end roads How to arrive at a truthful and (if possible) joyful life? This is justifiably the desire of humans, and it’s my desire. I tried several ways: Child-like accepted faith. I accepted to have found truth and a joyful life through Jesus, without thinking about it. This failed when I began to think […]

  • My vision for my life, as a mindmap

    Some things have changed in this vision since last re-vision … umh, ok. It will be cool and humiliating and enlightening to see the differences when posting new versions of this mindmap in future posts … this thing is never finished, I think. And, this is my first image on this blog, bringing some more […]

  • My vision for my life, as of today

    From time to time, I write down what is my long-term vision for my life. To own my “plan” in a compact form for reading, thinking about and sharing, and to document it and later find a development from version to version. Here is the version from today (2007-08-21). The driving question behind all these […]