Alternatlive! …!!

That’s, live an alternative. Let’s critically rethink the way we perceive and live life. I will list alternatives with equal costs, i.e. between one can choose.

Dwelling. My dwelling currently consists of a small room (14m² incl. bathroom) in a multi-party house on the border of a midsize town. I might just as well join an intentional community (large size and urban as JPUSA, or small size and rural as Baba’s White Stone / Mount of Oakes). Or I might move to a 4×4 truck motorhome. Or found a mobile community with a 4×4 truck motorhome. Or drive the world for 40+ years by bike like Heinz Stucke. Or live for 150 EUR/month in Manila, like a brother of mine. Or travel without possessions for three years, like Jesus.

Working. I might do some programming, web design and IT admin stuff like I do now. But I might just as well become a philosopher, a researcher in parapsychology and / or a historian who specializes in contemporary divine miracles.

Community. I might be content with community as “people coming together in one place, engaging in some common activity”. Or I might search for community as “unity in activities, goods and responsibilities and purposes, covering a good part of one’s life”.

Meals. I might live from bread alone (ok, and water). Not that I do, but sometimes it gets near to that ’cause the inefficient one-person buy-cook-eat process sucks. I might just as well join with neighbors and / or other people to prepare the meals together. Canteen food is no alternative, I think. And restaurants are no alternatives (monetarily).

Job. I might go to work, or just as well work self-emplyed, even when on the road.

Faith. I might have, or just as well not accept a usual mediocre level of Christian community and practical life and search for a hundredfold of this.

Miracles. I might just be annoyed by the people who use God’s name for their counterfeit miracles, or search the real ones.

Start date: 2008-02-10
Post date: 2008-02-11
Version date: 2008-02-11 (for last meaningful change)



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