Exactly 7 months and 1 day ago, I wrote the article “My vision for my life, as a mindmap“. Here is an update. The mindmap is actually much bigger, as you can unfold the notes that end in a little circle. You see here just the first levels. Actually, I really like playing with that mindmap, ordering stuff and making it clearer, at every time where I’m too confuded or depressed to move on.

Again, note that you need to click the image to view it in original, readable size.

I wrote back then that “it will be cool and humiliating and enlightening to see the differences”. It is! Here’s an overview of the developments in my “thought life”:

  • No steps any more. Instead, all my life content can now be parallel, it’s just ordered by importance, and I’m dealing with the individual items according to present needs and possibilities.
  • Project definition for “A Seeker’s Guide to Life”. That’s what was formerly called “find how to live with God practically” in the mindmap.
  • Cancelling of short-term projects. Namely, the third-place community and organizational design in my church. As for the third-place community, I undertake some steps but failed, and am not really motivated any more for that. However, if the opportunity arises, my motivation will arise as well, I think.
  • Elaborated lifestyle definition. The previous definition laid not that much importance to serving. It went thus: “My desired permanent lifestyle is to be sanctified, travelling the world as a missional mobile community, especially documenting what God does today to confirm God’s truth.” I now think that I’ll have one day seen enough to believe (sic). That is, there will be excess time, which I want to use for other people. I don’t know wat God will recommend then, but I could imagine different kinds of service in different parts of the world, together with a mobile community. This might include teaching at universities in development countries, and some more things a little power community can do.
  • Priority changes. The “Second Acts” (that is, collecting God’s contemporary acts in good historician’s manner) project came from last step to first priority, as I really need the first results in short time.
  • Company establishment. What was formerly “jobs to earn money” is now my own “company”. A small single-person IT company,actually. And at most times, I like this style to work: a really huge amount of freedom, inclduing teleworking, and no career pressure at all. I’d like to have self-employment as my permanent style to work, I think.
  • No world tour? Perish the thought! This was a separate point in the first visionary mindmap, but does not appear in this. I still want to travel, and I still intend a permanently nomadic life. But I don’t call it “world tour” any more: a tour won’t give me what I search, but mobile community, the “Second Acts” project and “A Seeker’s Guide to Life” project will. And all these need journeys and travelling. So, world tour got integrated in these other projects. And into “equipment”, which includes an expedition mobile, and if just to be free to go where I want or need to.
  • On partnership: the big question mark. Nothing concrete to say here. Currently, I’m easygoing with that big question mark in my life.

Start date: 2008-04-30
Post date: 2008-04-30
Version date: 2008-04-30 (for last meaningful change)

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