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There’s all this hype going on about the “web 2.0”, which is “social Internet”. So how about the version 2.0 update of myself: the social me. It’s long overdue, I suppose. I envision myself to approach my fellow humans directly, audaciously, furiously, and at the same time lovingly, warmly, and heartily. That’s quite the opposite of the current state, the vision of the Different Me … (more Jesus-like, I suppose).

But updating is often a difficult process – at least with computer programs, and with humans also, I suppose. I’ll mention here to things that should belong to this process, taken from my notes on “Personal Life Development”:

Have community by phone calls. Discuss relevant issues for personal life development, and create blog posts from the results.

Have a good conversation every day (>40min), esp. about spiritual and life-practical issues. This should enable a delightful lifestyle independent of what the rest of the day is filled with.

One of the first concrete actions that was coherent with this notes was to go for lunch with a neighbour of mine. Now, we could’ve had an open, honest , helpful conversation as many times before. But I think this time it was my fault that this was not really the case … . Without justifying me, I think that there are causes for my current difficulties: the last three weeks I worked in Frankfurt, and most (not all) conversations with my colleagues had been on a shallow level. We worked on things, so we discussed things. Sometimes my mind wanted to break free from being captured in such a way, but when I was tired from the work I was too tired to even think about something different. When Anna Eleanor Roosevelt said “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.”, she missed to mention those who discuss just things … .

So I got acclimatized to small talk, and now I’m reluctant to get honest and open again in conversation, even where I have the opportunity. What a pity! Seems like I will need some more exercise to undo the acclimatization … . Whom am I going to call up now? Let me see …

Note on a style change for my blog posts

As you may have notices, this blog post is shorter, less elaborate and more personal than most of the previous. It shall be the start of a new variant how i use my blog: more in diary style to document and reflect daily events and developments (esp. of personality, as in this one). Such posts might be of worth to myself in the future, also, just as other people use their diary. Another reason is that I’m awfully tired to write sophisticated, highly intellectual posts for many people, of whom most will never read them. (You can see my tiredness from the fact that August 2008 has seen no blog posts at all.) All this thinking had no life-changing effect until now, which esp. means that I did not get to know God better in deed (instead of in speculation). So I’m trying to exchange thinking for action now … .







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  1. Nicole

    I know this “just discuss things”-thing also…. and the fact of being too tired to think or talk about something different….

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