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  • The problem of community

    Why is it that there is so few real (authentic and helpful) community in our Western societies? At least in Germany? At least in the part of Germany that I know? Community, just as climate and faith, is no material entity, but rather a statistical figure, or if you want, an informational entity. That is, […]

  • Born in a manger

    Why was Jesus born in a manger? ‘Cause of all the merciless religious crazy people who’d not let his mother in a house, ’cause she was pregnant bot not married. Hey c’m’ on, if it’s your home town, you know some people there, and can ask them if they have a room if you’re in […]

  • Cultural versus universal skills

    Here’s a thought that regularly came to me when talking with tax consultants, lawyers, gamers and teachers (with permission for one country’s school system), to name some. There are two sorts of skills: those useful in a certain culture, and those universally useful. Of course that’s a rather rough model, as every skill has varying […]

  • On Köhler's 4th Berlin speech

    I just read the Vierte Berliner Rede (4th Berlin speech) of the German Federal President Horst Köhler. It answered some of my questions regarding global economic foundations and principles of function, but only some. I’ll elaborate here on some stuff that I got inspired to when reading that speech. Köhler said that all industrial nations […]

  • World economy in a nutshell

    Here’s my current understanding of the genesis of worldwide economic crises, and the underlying mechanisms of our economic system. It emerged from some very interesting discussions with friends. The current economic system relies on “fiat money”, that is, money without (full) Gold backing. Only in the fiat money system, money can be “generated” (by the […]

  • Yes, we've forsaken the desolate.

    One of the things, that the current so-called “world-wide economic crisis” teaches, is this. That this world is a brutal one, where every nation thinks of its own first. Crisis time makes it obvious, while good times conceal it. For example: the media represents that we in Germany are currently worried about ourselves. And our […]

  • For a new mode of war

    To constructively extend my previous post, here’s my opinion how war should be used as a legitimate means. I believe, this would solve a great bunch of problems. A sovereign country or treaty organization may decide to go to war if it is attacked by a foreign army. This is the only reason where one […]