For a new mode of war

To constructively extend my previous post, here’s my opinion how war should be used as a legitimate means. I believe, this would solve a great bunch of problems.

  1. A sovereign country or treaty organization may decide to go to war if it is attacked by a foreign army. This is the only reason where one party is allowed to decide about war on its own. Getting shot while indeed defending ones own family is better than if the whole family gets shot.
  2. All the other cases of war, such as “freeing a country from an oppressive regime” (which is the “later assigned reason” for the Iraq war), has to be decided by the United Nations Security Counsel.
  3. In these “other reasons”, no regular armies of U.N. member countries are dispatched. This could lead to wars for “political reasons” again, namely, if the U.N. Security Counsel decision got flawed by some means like by the influence of any super power. The solution is to have a U.N. army of volunteers, who can decide individually if they want to go to war.
  4. The proposed U.N. army should consist of politically trained, highly intelligent volunteers, from all over the world, with good discernment abilities, no prejudices, world travelling and cross-culture experience and a perfect understanding of the current political situation, and of human nature and its immanent problems. They would volunteer for the U.N. army with the motivation to fight for world peace and freedom, and get paid only a moderate salary contributed by U.N. member states.
  5. The proposed U.N. army would consists of only (!) highly specialized, highly trained soldiers, like in the current squads, commandos and special forces, but way better, and way more intelligent. They would have the world’s best equipment at hands, esp. also for personal protection.
  6. The kind of warfare would be innovative: it would be surgical only. The proposed U.N. army could consist of a moderate 10,000-30,000 people. Surgical warfare means to remove (capture, or, if necessary, kill) key persons only. In the case of the Iraq war, had it been approved by the U.N., this would have been perhaps 300-1,500 political any military leaders of the Iraqi regime. And in the Iraq war, as it went, with the U.S. taking action without its country attacked and without U.N. approval, this could have been Mr. Bush and 299-1,499 political leaders and military leaders. I believe that no other people would fill the gaps of the removed ones, simply out of fear of the personal consequences of getting removed also (i.e. being captured and judged in an international court, or, in the worst case, if capturing goes bad, shot). This means also, techniques to really effectively identify leaders and to find and remove them on foreign ground without “collateral damage” would have to be developed.
  7. The soldiers in the proposed U.N. army would have a really really dangerous life, as they operate on foreign ground only, and not from a distance and with brute force as is done in current warfare. To limit the bad effects of this danger, there would be strong admission guidelines, including: no family, no spouse, or a spouse where it can be expected that she / he can handle even the death of its dearest one.
  8. Earning money must not be a motivation to be in the proposed U.N. army. This would lead to Rambo-style people searching admission, and faking the political understanding, intelligence and love for peace that’s expected from candidates. The reason to be in this army would be to do a special contribution to a better world. And the public, world-wide honor as one of those who indeed, day-by-day voluntarily risk their lives for the well-being of this world’s citizens.

Side note. If you can think yourself into the head of one of these proposed volunteering U.N. soldiers, do this. Explore the love for truth and the love for the innocent people in the whole world that such a man or woman must have, to decide to join that army, and to decide to join an individual U.N. approved operation. They really want to make the world a better place, though these intelligent guys and gals with all their abilities, knowledge, physical strength and youth could have the whole world to their feet. Yet they prefer to be poor, and to risk their lives for good. If you got the feeling, meditate on it for a moment.

And then, imagine that such a one fights not for the good and innocent people in the world, but for the well-being of the bad ones. Of those that should get removed!!! And, even worse, they let themselves be removed by the U.N. army instead of those that should get removed. Got it? Then you have a moment of understanding (like me, for a moment) of … what this guy did for all of us: JESUS.

(7) For it is rare for anyone to die for a righteous person, though somebody might be brave enough to die for a good person. (8) But God demonstrates his love for us by the fact that Christ died for us while we were still sinners. [The Bible, Romans 5:7-8, ISV]







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