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  • Employment is slavery

    Found a cool quote in the comment section of a blog that will motivate me for some time to stay self-employed. Though it’s no box of chocolates either. Here it goes: Employment is slavery! In the really important years of my life I do not want to let others tell me when to get out […]

  • Paying taxes by work time

    Currently, the state seeks only money from his citizens to perform its tasks. Which means that people who cannot pay money are a burden for the state. This would change radically if people are also able to pay their taxes by their work time. Or even better, if this is the default case. For example, […]

  • Joblessness is a symptom of decadent society

    Being jobless means being unable to care for ones own needs because one lives in a society where one depends on others (the “market” and the “employers”) to care for ones own needs. It seems that joblessness is an inherent phenomenon of highly civilized societies: due to the technology used, there simply is not enough […]

  • All are living from nature

    Currently, I have the impression that I get drowned or defeated in economic competition, meaning this economic system is not the right one for me. So I thought about another one: In modern highly civilized societies, we’re several abstraction levels away from the nature level (“implementation level”), which is the level most people in history […]

  • How to leave every state

    I realized that I basically do not want to live under the authority of any state whatsoever. Here is my alternative. Ok, the alternative. Found a power community of approx. 100 to 1000 people. It will utilize high tech to be as efficient as such an amount of people can ever be. Carefully selecting the […]

  • Your 13 daily minutes for war

    If you work for money, you also work for war. Let’s calculate how long. As you cannot decide for what your country will use the taxes you pay, and as money is a quantity, individual money paid does not retain its “individuality”. Meaning you pay a part of all your country’s expenses. And as for […]

  • A new system for social security

    In today’s modern societies, social insurances do not work any longer as they are simple too costly, i.e. inefficient. This new system is intended to solve that. The basic idea is to no longer have the whole society as the solidarity community, but a subgroup of people who made contributions of their time, some money, […]