A new system for social security

In today’s modern societies, social insurances do not work any longer as they are simple too costly, i.e. inefficient. This new system is intended to solve that.

The basic idea is to no longer have the whole society as the solidarity community, but a subgroup of people who made contributions of their time, some money, and adhere to certain standards of healthy living, and, above all, are trustworthy not to exploit the system ever.

Public nursing care insurance and pension insurance will be replaced by an intentional community, somewhere abroad where there is a nice climate and low official regulations, so that such an alternative solution is feasible. Everybody who served a certain time (approx. 3 years) in that community has, then, the life-long right to come there again and be cared for, in case of pension (>67) and nursing care. It is not possible to pay others for serving in place of oneself, as this would result in the state getting ~50% of that money as tax, lowering the efficiency of that system dramatically. Every member of that community, whether in service or living there during pension / nursing care, has to contribute his work to the community as is reasonably possible, e.g. by helping in the kitchen etc.. This is e.g. impossible in Germany now for accident insurance problems, lowering the efficiency of the system.

Public unemployment insurance is also replaced by that community. Whenever you get unemployed, the community pays for you to come to it (probably abroad). You will then live in a nice condition, contributing your work and receiving food and shelter, and help to find a job again if you like.

Public health care insurance is replaced by a clinic, run by the community, using the same servicing scheme to acquire the life-long right for healthcare. In addition, a small fee has to be paid (~ 50 EUR a month) which will pay for all insured members for: drugs, visits to a local physician (before coming abroad to the clinic if necessary), etc..

To increase the efficiency of this health system, all insured people get, during their service period at the clinic, a 6 month full-time course in medicine, nutrition etc.. This will enable them to live healthy, diagnose and cure small diseases themselves, and prevent harm. They also get literature and medical equipment home, and concise updates on new research results and developments. Also, all insured people agree to certain standards of healthy living, including to forbear smoking, excessive alcohol use, to do sports, do prohibit obesity etc..

So basically, the community is a place to go to in every calamity of life, whenever you do not know how to get out of something on your own. The really nice optimum would be if the community is so well organized that it can offer: everybody may come at every time, and stay as long as he wants (as long as he contributes his work in exchange for meals and shelter). The organization would probably have to be done by an IT system, able to cope with perhaps millions of members at times.






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