Employment is slavery

Found a cool quote in the comment section of a blog that will motivate me for some time to stay self-employed. Though it’s no box of chocolates either. Here it goes:

Employment is slavery! In the really important years of my life I do not want to let others tell me when to get out of bed, how long to work in his house, how long I’m allowed to go on vacattion (if at all). That is slavery beyond doubt! You just have to compare it with the possible self-determined life that you could have if you would be no slave.
You guys, wake up for a moment and rattle at your chains and don’t discuss if there are any.
[comment 37229 on weissgarnix.de, original in German, emphasis per original]







2 responses to “Employment is slavery”

  1. oneirotrader

    I decided that I am going to war instead of being an employee.
    Since I’m dirt poor and have nothing to lose, war doesn’t scare me.

    I don’t want to be an ass kissing employee. I’d rather fight.

  2. Seriously, war? I don’t want to be the Internet that radicalized you, Sir. My approach is not to fight slavery, but to flee it. By building an autarkic, self-sustaining system. Look at my EarthOS documents for that, or better look at what Open Source Ecology is doing and join them. We’re a movement already, come in!

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