I realized that I basically do not want to live under the authority of any state whatsoever. Here is my alternative.

Ok, the alternative. Found a power community of approx. 100 to 1000 people. It will utilize high tech to be as efficient as such an amount of people can ever be. Carefully selecting the people that may enter the community, while ruling that members’ children may stay in the community only until 25 or if their application gets accepted means that nearly no juidical system and police will be necessary. The members might retain their original citizenship.

The community then searches for states allowing them to stay as a “non-state sovereign”, meaning a sovereign without its own country. This is comparable to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. In terms of international law, what is searched for is extraterritoriality for the community members (not extraterritoriality of any area, but in analogy to embassy personnel); see these explanations on extraterritoriality. To gain such grants from as many countries as possible, allowing to travel between them without restrictions, the community serves its host countries, probably meaning that poor, very small host countries are the ones most likely to grant extraterritoriality.

Basically, the intention of becoming a “non-state sovereign” is to found a state-less society, which is the anarchist ideal. See the Wikipedia article on stateless society. So it seems that I am anarchist? Yes. More specifically, I’m probably an individualist anarchist. However, I do not want to change the style of government of any state  (it’s strongly prohibited by the states’ laws). Instead, this is about peacefully moving out because I prefer sovereignty to obedience, when it comes to obedience towards humans. I want to found a new, stateless society.

But it’s not all that easy. See here what became of the one and only existing project of hat kind: the history of Laissez Faire City. And see what became of LFC’s experiment with digital money. After all, it seems to be very difficult to set up a working anarchist system, i.e. one not based on coercion as ordinary states are. There is the working example of the Somalia Xeer system, however. But in my proposal here, the problem of “bad people” causing anarchism to malfunction is solved by simply not accepting them into the anarchistic community.

(For inspiration: there are much more options to the form of government than just democracy or dictatorship. See the Wikipedia list of forms of government. See also the Wikipedia list of anarchist communities.)

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