Category: Real Life

  • Polyphasic sleep experiments

    So I’m unhappy with my sleep patterns and already suspected it would feel more natural to have a 26-28 hour day-night rhythm (which would make me a Non-24 guy). Then a friend pointed me to the Da Vinci sleep schedule instead. Reading back and forth on the Internet, I found euphoric posts (see comment 13 […]

  • Damned to stay yourself?

    It is shocking to see that adults are damned to stay as they are. Only children are supported to learn something new, but once they threw you into the world of the adults to go out and earn your own money, all support is gone. It seems they just intended to educate you as far […]

  • When all the pieces come together (revised life vision)

    Today’s new verbalization for my life vision is: “The integrated lifestyle that I want to achieve and have permanently while I am on earth is three integrated elements: Xpedition community, a mobile, travelling, resilient, autarkic, effectively sovereign, powerful community of Christians and non-Christians, men and women, poor and rich alike, cross-secting races, cultures and languages, but […]

  • The problem of unique culture

    Lifestyle is equivalent with personal culture, which is one instance of a culture. People with lifestyles that deviate from the surrounding culture of any known group in a large degree can be said to have a “unique culture”: just as unique as the culture of an ethnic group, for example. Now the problem with having […]

  • Pro & contra inside & outside the system

    A more rational approach to choosing my desired lifestyle would not hurt. So, what are the pros and cons of living inside the social system of this society, versus escaping it in my style by living and traveling in an expedition vehicle, working from on the road with an Internet-connected computer? I need to think […]

  • He opened his eyes and was educated

    Just made a strange experience … at two o’clock in the night, but nothing to frighten you. Read on. The background is, that I used the the last two days mainly for “tidying up my thoughts”. Most people will think this is a strange activity, and that my flat would need it more. Anyway. Practically […]

  • Millionaires for two hours

    From 2009-10-19 22:38 to -20 0:25 I was a subjective millionaire, and a brother of mine too. On 22:38 he told me that he searched through completed eBay auctions and found that many digital cameras on did not get sold at all (zero bids), meaning we could have got them for 1 EUR each. […]