Pro & contra inside & outside the system

A more rational approach to choosing my desired lifestyle would not hurt. So, what are the pros and cons of living inside the social system of this society, versus escaping it in my style by living and traveling in an expedition vehicle, working from on the road with an Internet-connected computer?

I need to think more ’bout this, but here’s my first impression. Outside “the normal way”, you lose a good deal of social reputation, and a good amount of money. I would never be really “well-off” in this world, financially. However, I also would not need that additional money, as I have a lifestyle that does not consume that much of money. And I also would not need that social reputation, as I would have a worldwide network of cool people and friends to travel to.

“I do not need social reputation”: this is a strange view, but grants a lot of freedom. Normally one accepts that social reputation in ones society is something like a basic need, and strives to meet this as an “external demand”, like obeying a command. However, looking at this from a utilitarian perspective: what does it hurt to not have it, if you have good friends? Nothing.

That said, the pros seem to outweigh the cons: a more flexible, mobile lifestyle. Which is also able to cope with harsh conditions, and to react quickly to local crisis situations by moving places. And which is more free, in the sense of independence: it has low consume and therefore also low demand of monetary income originating from other people.

One caveat, though. If I choose this off-center lifestyle, I need to take some care to be still “socially compatible” with normal people: I need to create a “neat and tidy” environment in the truck so that I can invite the normal people.




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