When all the pieces come together (revised life vision)

Today’s new verbalization for my life vision is: “The integrated lifestyle that I want to achieve and have permanently while I am on earth is three integrated elements:

  1. Xpedition community, a mobile, travelling, resilient, autarkic, effectively sovereign, powerful community of Christians and non-Christians, men and women, poor and rich alike, cross-secting races, cultures and languages, but only with special (nerdy, geeky etc.) persons who “want to live right”; also including some learning, vulnerable persons. The community is about the things that my own life is about then. Which is:
  2. international university teaching and research (esp. in developing regions) about such autarkic, sovereign, resilient communities, to help everybody achieve the same. And
  3. evangelizing: research and teaching about God in an authentic truth-seeking and truth abiding, hope-giving manner.”

This is such a beautiful, integrated vision, both technically, socially and financially doable 🙂 … in contrast to many versions before.

We hope to start living that way from 2015-01-01 on. Time will tell who will be “we”, the community.







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