Category: critique of society

  • Wrecked faces

    I’ve heard somebody say about Marburg, Germany: Such a beautiful city, but so many ugly people. Relating to the left-wing people there. While I think, to the contrary, that many left-wing people look stylish and individualistic, the quote is interesting because it compares the beauty of cultural objects and human beauty in one sentence. I […]

  • Helping this world at system level?

    There is a disagreement in Christianity if the world can be helped at system level, and if yes, if a Christian is allowed to do so. First position: it’s forbidden Some people hold the opinion that the world cannot be really helped at the system level. Because man is, in essence, really bad. And even […]

  • Employment is slavery

    Found a cool quote in the comment section of a blog that will motivate me for some time to stay self-employed. Though it’s no box of chocolates either. Here it goes: Employment is slavery! In the really important years of my life I do not want to let others tell me when to get out […]

  • Your 13 daily minutes for war

    If you work for money, you also work for war. Let’s calculate how long. As you cannot decide for what your country will use the taxes you pay, and as money is a quantity, individual money paid does not retain its “individuality”. Meaning you pay a part of all your country’s expenses. And as for […]

  • The problem of community

    Why is it that there is so few real (authentic and helpful) community in our Western societies? At least in Germany? At least in the part of Germany that I know? Community, just as climate and faith, is no material entity, but rather a statistical figure, or if you want, an informational entity. That is, […]

  • Born in a manger

    Why was Jesus born in a manger? ‘Cause of all the merciless religious crazy people who’d not let his mother in a house, ’cause she was pregnant bot not married. Hey c’m’ on, if it’s your home town, you know some people there, and can ask them if they have a room if you’re in […]

  • Cultural versus universal skills

    Here’s a thought that regularly came to me when talking with tax consultants, lawyers, gamers and teachers (with permission for one country’s school system), to name some. There are two sorts of skills: those useful in a certain culture, and those universally useful. Of course that’s a rather rough model, as every skill has varying […]