Wrecked faces

I’ve heard somebody say about Marburg, Germany: Such a beautiful city, but so many ugly people. Relating to the left-wing people there.

While I think, to the contrary, that many left-wing people look stylish and individualistic, the quote is interesting because it compares the beauty of cultural objects and human beauty in one sentence. I would like to do something similar:

Visit any average German city and walk through its streets. You will find that most faces look wrecked. Exhausted. Stressed. Strained. This includes people in fashion clothes, suites and sexy clothes. This includes street persons and the high society. And me. They all miss the beauty of the human race.

In addition, this also relates to people’s outfit. Nearly all people in highly civilized societies are either too busy with maintaining their stressy consumerist lifestyle, or too depressed to take part. In both cases, they lack resources for giving themselves an intentional, individualistic (!), stylish outfit – this is of course luxury, a part of self-actualization, but surely one that is granted by nature to everybody. As it needs only time and creativity, not much money or other resources.

To sum up, people look captive and stressed because they are captive and stressed, lacking time for living their life. Brave new world!







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