Category: critique of society

  • On Köhler's 4th Berlin speech

    I just read the Vierte Berliner Rede (4th Berlin speech) of the German Federal President Horst Köhler. It answered some of my questions regarding global economic foundations and principles of function, but only some. I’ll elaborate here on some stuff that I got inspired to when reading that speech. Köhler said that all industrial nations […]

  • Yes, we've forsaken the desolate.

    One of the things, that the current so-called “world-wide economic crisis” teaches, is this. That this world is a brutal one, where every nation thinks of its own first. Crisis time makes it obvious, while good times conceal it. For example: the media represents that we in Germany are currently worried about ourselves. And our […]

  • The Geek (lyrics)

    I dunno who they are, I don’t even like their music or the YouTube live videos of this song. I jus’ found these catchy lyrics by them on a blog that I read. They seem to really understand about geekyness! Which is something very rare, and a geek’s solace. Here they go: Wir sind Helden […]

  • To the 8% homeless in L.A.

    In L.A., approx. 8% of the population is living on the streets, sleeping in their cars [source]. Which is, to a significant part, an effect of the financial and economic crisis. (The L.A. numbers are the highest in th U.S. … I’m not writing here that this is a nation-wide phenomenon in the U.S.) Wait […]

  • My anti-nuclear concept

    The static reach of the world’s exploitable Uranium is 70 years. Which means it’s fairly easy to solve the problem of nuclear weapons once and for all. A state would have to devote itself to consume as much nuclear material in reactors as possible. They’d build new reactors and buy nuclear material worldwide. That way […]

  • My anti-terror concept

    Don't invest many people's lifes and much money by fighting war against terror. The war Iraq war caused 4500 US soldiers and ten thousands of Iraqi to die, and did cost 480 billion USD. That's wastefulness. And in addition, personal rights of of the people have been sacrificed to a state that assumes that general […]

  • Jailhouse rock for the society

    A jailhouse is probably one of the worst places to be, as an inmate, and one of the least positive places, for the society. The more interesting is an example of what can be made out of such a calamity. Here’s a documentary video of Mr. Garcia, manager of the CPDRC prison in the Philippines, […]