My anti-terror concept

Don't invest many people's lifes and much money by fighting war against terror. The war Iraq war caused 4500 US soldiers and ten thousands of Iraqi to die, and did cost 480 billion USD. That's wastefulness. And in addition, personal rights of of the people have been sacrificed to a state that assumes that general surveillance would be a good anti-terror measure.

Instead, build up special forces like the Israeli Sajeret Matkal. They'd operate behind foreign lines and in secrecy. They'd arrest commanders of terror groups, execute strikes to hinder assassinations and hijacking etc..

They'd also operate on foreign ground. There should be a UN agreement that allows such forces to mutually operate on foreign ground, if necessary.Even better: a UN anti-terror organization, made from professional soldiers that are contributed by the member nations according to their population and financial means.

Start date: 2009-01-10
Post date: 2009-01-19
Version date: 2009-10-19 (for last meaningful change)







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