Category: Autarky Lab

  • Cmando community vision

    Introduction What situation do you want to spend our life in? What people do you want to have around? What do you want to do as your long term main activity? Here is mine variant. Living with some fellows as a permanent, mobile, technology-enabled, intentional community … serving God by serving others … and searching […]

  • My world has no houses

    I don’t wanna sound proud and I do. I’m building my own world right now. A world without houses, but with homes. A world without streets. A world without passenger cars. A world where 4-10 people live on 13m², with a living room of 148,939,100,000,000 m². A world where one can work from anywhere in […]

  • Where has the rewarding work gone?

    Some thoughts inspired by a friend’s notes on work. I mean work: this thing that makes you weary and sleepy, not just the fun thing where you play with interesting technical stuff all day long. I am currently in the interesting situation that I need only about 5 days a month to work for my […]

  • Autarky escape from the hedonic treadmill

    The hedonic treadmill Here is the basic assertion of our economy: the needs of human beings are infinite (… but the means to fulfill them are finite, so we have to be economical). Infinite needs are surely observable, but what’s the reason behind? From an evolutionist perspective it looks like this: “And there are more […]

  • Friendship is an interaction

    Me thinks the following to be an interesting insight. Friendship is something that does not exist in a statical way, but consists solely of the dynamic components. Friendship is done, it consists of interaction between persons. (Which is a difference to partnership, which exists also statically as it is binding.) So what does this mean: […]

  • Massenmenschhaltung

    Den Unterschied zwischen Massentierhaltung und Leben in freier Natur gibt es auch bei Menschen. Es ist der Unterschied zwischen einem Leben dessen Tätigkeiten vordefiniert und wertlos sind, und einem Leben das aufregend schön und nützlich ist und Alleinstellungsmerkmale hat (Leben als Kunstform). Begegnet man Menschen in Massenhaltung so frage man sich wie man sie befreien […]

  • Behavior Setting als Funktionsprinzip in der Natur

    In der Natur tut jedes Wesen, was in der jeweiligen Situation für es selbst angemessen ist. Weil das Invariante der Situationen harmonisch ist (z.B. welche Tierarten es wo gibt) ist das Gesamtsystem in einem dynamischen Gleichgewicht, d.h. es gibt keinen Machtmissbrauch, keine Systemstörung durch Ausnutzung usw., das System »funktioniert«. Zu tun was für einen selbst […]