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  • My anti-terror concept

    Don't invest many people's lifes and much money by fighting war against terror. The war Iraq war caused 4500 US soldiers and ten thousands of Iraqi to die, and did cost 480 billion USD. That's wastefulness. And in addition, personal rights of of the people have been sacrificed to a state that assumes that general […]

  • The flash company

    If I’ve learned something from the current financial crisis, then it is that big systems may result in big disasters. So durability in times of crisis needs small, flexible systems with a good degree of autarky. If this is the case, recession should not really harm anybody: in Germany, the GDP may drop in 2009 […]

  • Ideas for Project 10^100: Multiplying Power Community

    This idea is one of a series of ideas that I posted to Google’s Project 10100 (it’s just before their deadline now, so I need to hurry up somewhat …). The other ideas were the psycho hygiene system and Natural Scientific Theology. In this project, Google collects ideas and will honor the five ideas that help […]

  • Undestructible economy

    The financial crisis, its concrete and deeper causes The financial markets are currently in an uproar, and independently of if and how these problems will be solved, we should ask what their deeper cause is, and how to protect economy from that. First, regarding the concrete causes, I found the following material to be a […]

  • Jailhouse rock for the society

    A jailhouse is probably one of the worst places to be, as an inmate, and one of the least positive places, for the society. The more interesting is an example of what can be made out of such a calamity. Here’s a documentary video of Mr. Garcia, manager of the CPDRC prison in the Philippines, […]

  • Invitational 'n' transformational

    In addition to my recent article on Amy resp. her YouTube videos on “emo” I wondered how an authentic life with Jesus could be made known to people like the emos, in a way that would make them take Jesus seriously. Invitations to any Christian events are useless if there is not already a personal […]

  • Alternatlive! …!!

    That’s, live an alternative. Let’s critically rethink the way we perceive and live life. I will list alternatives with equal costs, i.e. between one can choose. Dwelling. My dwelling currently consists of a small room (14m² incl. bathroom) in a multi-party house on the border of a midsize town. I might just as well join […]