How to run WordsGalore on Ubuntu Linux 12.04?

WordsGalore is a cute little gratis application for learning Spanish, Chinese or Korean when knowing English. It is however from 2006 and seems no longer maintained, and also I found no way how to make it test me by showing the English words and requesting the Spanish … . But, it has a vocabulary based on word frequency and I found it to be just great for learning the pronunciation of the words because you can just scroll down with cursor keys and it will immediately say the selected word.

Its website contains concise instructions for installing it [source], and here is the detailed list that worked for me:

  1. Download the application (in my case, for Spanish with the 1000 most frequent words):
  2. Download the patch for getting the newest features:
  3. Install wine with your Ubuntu package manager.
  4. Install MSVBVM60.DLL for wine (Visual Basic 6 runtime library): [source]
    winetricks vb6run
  5. Install the WordsGalore program:
    wine spanish1000.exe
  6. Install the update for the WordsGalore program:
    wine wg_newest.exe
  7. Start the WordsGalore program:
    cd ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/wordsgalore
    wine wordsgalore.exe







2 responses to “How to run WordsGalore on Ubuntu Linux 12.04?”

  1. […] WordsGalore. A gratis (yet not free) software that comes with a vocabulary of the 1000 most frequent Spanish words (see above). I found it great to learn the pronunciation by scrolling down the words list, but missed a “ask the Spanish word” mode. Also see my post on installation instructions for Linux. […]

  2. Achylles

    It works. But, for unicode Chinese and Korean, it does not work… Because of Unicode in wine gives me an error.
    Any hints?

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