In this case, I use the Note Everything Pro Android application for note-taking, and wanted a quick way to transfer these notes to the computer.

For individual notes

For transfering only one or a few notes, I found the zbarcam Linux application quite helpful. To get it, install package zbar-tools in Ubuntu 14.04 and higher (package zbarcam in earlier versions).

To use it, choose "Send → Transfer as Barcode" in NoteEverything Pro, then hold the QR code to your webcam while having zbarcam running on the computer. Be sure to never just take out the webcam's USB plug while zbarcam is running, as the flooding with error messages can lead to data loss of the notes you just transferred (depending on the settings in your virtual console).

For bulk transfer: SQLite method

  1. Install the sqliteman Linux application, available in the Ubuntu package sources.
  2. Empty the "Recycle bin" folder in NoteEverything Pro (menu: "Select folder → Recycle bin", then press "Empty recycle bin"). Else, these notes would also be exported in the following process.
  3. Make a manual backup in NoteEverything Pro (menu: "Backup → Backup as ZIP file").
  4. Mount the phone's SD card on the computer, by connecting with an USB cable (and having Internet tethering via USB turned off!).
  5. Transfer the backup file to the computer:
    mv /media/username/sdb/noteeverything/backup/manualbackup* ~/Desktop/;
  6. Unzip the backup file:
    unzip -d manualbackup_20121212/;
  7. Open the notes.db file with sqliteman:
    sqliteman manualbackup_20121212/notes.db;
  8. Execute this query in sqliteman:
  9. SELECT body FROM notes;
  10. Copy the body fields from the result set, by selecting all fields of the body column and pressing Ctrl+C. You can directly insert it into freemind, a text editor or a word processor. The disadvantage is that no difference is made between new nodes and linebreaks within notes.

This approach is great if you use auto-titles by default in NoteEverything Pro. Because these redundant titles are not saved separately in this approach, so do not have to be manually deleted when sorting away your notes.

For bulk transfer: file method

The other approach of doing a bulk transfer is to export the notes to the SD card as a text file (menu: "More → Export text notes to SD card …"). But then, titles are exported in addition and have to be deleted manually. Also, all text notes are then exported as individual files, so you probably would need to combine them with a shell command before being able to comfortably sort them away on your computer.

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